It’s a Mad House indeed (confirma!)

Adeola Aderounmu.

It’s a completely mad house, a house of nonentities (sincere apology to the few men/women of integrity but all the same suffering from illegitimate background).

Patricia Etteh is trying to be a judge in her own case. This woman needs an urgent  psychiatric evaluation. How can you be on trial and be the judge?

This is madness!

What kind of people are remaining in Aro or Yaba left if this madam is in the house of parliament?

You know what?  Some people may have told her that Okadigbo and Wabara never returned to their positions the moment they stepped aside to be investigated.

So, she is trying and hoping at ALL cost to be the speaker. Very funny! It must be her birth right.

If this woman is not in jail in the next 30 days, Nigeria remains a failed country. The useless talk about DUE PROCESS and the RULE OF LAW is a figment of Yar Adua’s imagination. He is a disillusioned (fake) president.

Very useless people.

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