The thieves from South West!

Adeola Aderounmu.

No credibility, no legitimacy. No integrity! What else do you want to know about Nigerian Politics/Politicians?

Imagine this rubbish;  

“We, South-West members will like to reiterate that we are solidly behind the Speaker.”

My question is: who are these idiots-(We)?

I am from South West Nigeria and I hope other people from the south west and Nigerians in general will stand up to disown these thieves.

If Patricia is impeached or sacked as the speaker, shall we not find another person from the South west who can be the speaker? If not, please can we scrap the entire house entirely? Afterall, they are not contributing anything to our lives. They just go there to enrich themselves.

These people are a disgrace to Nigerians!

Wale Adegoke, Dave Salako, Akinlade Abiodun, Kayode Amusan, Oluwole Oke, Tayo Fawehinmi, Alaba Lad-Ojomo, Gbenga Oduwaye, Duro Faseyi, Kehinde Odebunmi, Folake Olunloyo-Osinowo, Mulikat Adeola, Titilayo Akindahunsi, Florence Akinwale, Abbas Olopoeniyan, Depo Oyedokun, Leo Awoyemi, and Segun Osibote.

They are not worthy ambassadors. Can they bend their heads in shame? Never! They have no credibility and no integrity. In fact, they are parading illegitimate mandates!

Who knows how much have exchanged hands during the 2 weeks recess? Or promises of everlasting life that they have received? Nonsense!

Please can Funke Egbemode go and sit down and look for honorable things to do with her life.Enough of this fooling around in the name of what to eat…

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