And the man died!

By Adeola Aderounmu.

DO OR DIE! Thanks to Obasanjo, we can now confirm that politics in Nigeria is a lethal game.

Patricia Olubunmi Etteh is carrying on in the spirit of her mentor-the one who annointed her a loudspeaker all the way from a stinking Otta Farm.

And so, the man died! Aminu Safana representing Katsina died of suspected heart attack after participating in the war going on in the House of Etteh-where area boys hold sway.

Patricia has vowed never to resign, not even in honour of the departed soul!

This is called do-or-die politics. Do you need any more confirmation that the people ruling Nigeria are idiots and fools. People who should be eating watery beans in jail.  

 Please can someone tell Patricia that she should go to Oshodi market and buy evostik or superglue, place it on her speaker seat, and then sit tight forever, and ever, amen!


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