Etteh’s Supporters are Crazy People!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Is anyone following the ongoing stupidity in the lower house? Patricia Etteh has been investigated by a panel and the outcome will be made known and debated in the house. Decisions will follow. 

The supporters of Patricia are demanding that Patricia should be the Speaker of the house when the discussion on the outcome of the panel’s investigation commences.  Is that not the usual madness I always complain about? 

Why the HOUSE is divided on this issue is amazing-are there thieves in the house? 

Patricia is on trial in the house and her supporters want her to be the judge!  

These crazy and senseless supporters are saying that the HOUSE RULES have not stated that she must step-aside. Egba mi o! 

Must everything be written? Where is common sense? Oh, I forgot! Common sense is not common; you have to think to get it. 

And how would Patricia have the guts to sit and listen to people discussing about her misdemeanor? Where is honour? Where is dignity? 

This is what you get in an illegitimate government. No one knows what is right or wrong! No one knows what shame is: to them, their supporters and their people- shame is a virtue. 

Serious BIG problem in this wonderful country-Nigeria.