The Blatant Lies and Deceits of Segun Adeniyi, Mike Aondoakaa, Yar Adua and Ibori!

Adeola Aderounmu.

Sometimes, when I read statements from some politicians or public office holders in Nigeria, I just can’t help getting angry. Who is fooling who? What do these people take Nigerians for? I don’t blame their guts and stupidity at all.

Foremost, some of them will go to hell to save their jobs at all cost. They don’t mind what it takes or what it cost! They can even kill to keep their salaries going! Has anyone forgotten the den of killers!

Anyway, the attorney general has made his mission clear: to save all the corrupt people who sponsored the selection of Yar Adua in the worst election in human history.Aondoakaa, in his letter to the British (which he keeps denying) said that Ibori is not under investigation in Nigeria. What a useless comment! If Ibori is not under investigation, why can’t Mike investigate him and prosecute him? Is he not the AG? Is it out of his possibility for him to gather the evidence needed to put Ibori in jail forever?

Segun said his Master is committed to zero corruption and no sacred cow stuffs, what nonsense! We have heard that many times since 1999. How many thieves have been successfully prosecuted since they all emerged illegally in May? Please!

All these comments about the rule of law and due process are blatant lies and absolute rubbish!How will an illegal government claim to be following the rule of law and due process?

What I see here is Nigerians been taken for a ride as usual. Settle a few guys here and there and Tell the people what they want to hear and the story will die down! Yes, that is what will happen. Then, life will go on!

Corruption is the only organized thing in Nigeria and those who are in it will go to the ends of the earth to justify their very useless and pathetic ideology. This is what the Nigerian illegitimate government is doing right now.Madness in dishonored high places!

My sympathy to the people (more than 50 million) who will go to bed tonight without dinner! When Nigeria is ready, the Orange revolution will be a good concept to learn and implement. Perhaps, just perhaps we can try to usher in people with brains, good attitude, sincerity of purpose, dedication, selflessness and views of common good.

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