A disastrous illegitimate government

Adeola Aderounmu.   

How can the Attorney General of Nigeria write a letter to the British Police or Judiciary to let go of one of the several thieves that have looted our treasury. Is that not madness? Who is this Mike Aondoakaa sef? Where is he coming from and what is his mission? How can such a nonentity be the attorney general in Nigeria?

If Ibori stole our money and hid them in UK, why does Mike have to assist him to get away? How is that in the interest of Nigeria?  

How much is Ibori paying to Aondoakaa for this kind of service? 

Believe me, the fake and lousy Attorney General of Nigeria is fooling around.


I heard that this disastrous government is planning to build a cultural centre at the cost of 53 billion naira. Nigeria is a magical country indeed! This is a country where more than 53 million people will go to bed tonight without dinner. There are more than 53 million people without decent accommodation! Yet, in the next 3 years, we may be seeing the construction of a wasteful cultural centre.

If the idiots planning this project can spend 53 million naira on the National Theatre in Surulere, they will bring that monument back to life. They will receive prayers and blessings from the Performing artists in Nigeria. They allowed the National theatre in Lagos to rot away and they are now planning to duplicate it in Abuja. Absolute madness!

The truth is, the contractors of the project and the Ministry of Culture/Tourism awarding it have already settled the kickbacks and bribes behind closed doors. Here, we have another classical example of how Politicians and public office holders enrich themselves without regards for the plights of the suffering masses.

We have not heard the last yet on the use of 628 million naira to refurbish 2 new houses. There are some stupid people who are saying that Patricia is not at fault and that she did not benefit from the contract award. So, whose house are they renovating? Or what does the word benefit means in everyday English. Mr. Bewaji, please go and sit down, but buy a dictionary first. And to think that some people will tribalise this issue is absolutely disgusting!

They should all shut up!

3 thoughts on “A disastrous illegitimate government

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  2. The real trouble with Nigeria, I have always maintained and I stand to be corrected, is that it’s largely an assembly of dishonourable people. This, of course, does not mean there are no honourable or honest people at all. What I mean is that almost everyone is easily corruptible. If Adeola says the government is illegitimate, I don’t blame him. Nor do I fault him, outrightly. But I think he’s only being simplistic. The question of apportioning blames really goes beyond that AGF Aondoakaa, who’s actually doing the bidding of his bosses. By the way why are we running away from the fact that there were no elections in the country this year at all? Were the elections not dismissed by all credible observers, from within and outside the country, as a ruse? But didn’t we go ahead to accept those characters imposed on us in ‘good faith’? And that ‘good faith’ has always been our undoing. So from Day One the entire government was (and still is) illegitimate. What we need to think of is how do we right these wrongs. There’s an illegitimate government that robbed its way to power, very much like a ‘coupist’ junta, which we have chosen to accept, all in the interest of peace. Yet officers of the regime take fancy in, without being provoked, declaring war on us via absurd, ruthless, excessive and narcissistic policies. OBJ, the man behind this entire ungodly plot, fired the first salvo a couple of days before he handed power to his stooge, Umaru Yar’Adua. Then there’s a Patricia Etteh whose thieving brain is so dumb that the she expects us cheer her while she raids our treasury and gets away with everything in a swoop. Now Aondoakaa is on the offensive again. Won’t they let us alone? No, they won’t. That’s why we must take the battle to their doorstep.


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