Gangsters who are administering Nigerian Football!

Adeola Aderounmu.

It is difficult to follow the story of the stupidity that the Nigerian Football Association and its members have been displaying in the last few weeks.

A sane mind can be made insane by the way things are done generally in Nigeria.

Obaseki sacked, you can’t sack me, Obaseki suspended, you can’t suspend me. League suspended, League resume, Club owners suspend this, suspend that, Yakmut appointed, Yakmut cannot go into the office…funny stories and crazy attitudes.

Then, Nigerians who are passionate people when it comes to football want to see the National Teams make progress and win trophies. How will that be? Magic?

This type of attitude which is a reflection of our sick country is very shameful and disheartening. Why are some people so thoughtless and mad?

Is this the best you can get from sports’ administrators when the government at the centre is illegal? Is this all about the stupid elections of 2007? Or is this just a very pathetic way of life?



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