Yar Adua’s Assets Declaration is Meaningless!

Adeola Aderounmu.

To me personally, This declaration of assets is meaningless.

First, this government lacks legitimacy. Accepting the mandate of a crazy selection is the HEIGHT of dishonesty.

Second, David Mark, a well known thief is his Senate President. What are we talking about?

Before we can wipe corruption, we need a legitimate government that would have power at its disposal to bring all the thieves in Nigeria to book. From Babangida, to Buhari, Shonekan, Obasanjo…and many others (from 1960 to 2007).

Being mindless of the past in the present will not help us to shape the future.

We must rights all wrongs.

A legitimate govt is needed to probe all the past governors, Ministers and the people that we know stole our money and put 75% of Nigerians below the poverty line. Let them bring back all our monies. We want to use them for posterity.

If we don’t bring justice to Nigeria, all these declarations are senseless.

There must be a point in the history of our country called Turning Point. If we don’t get there…the masses will continue to suffer.

This man Yar Adua will never have the courage to bring the change we seek. Someone will always remind him how he got to power, through the WORST ELECTION in the history of man!

This is already playing out in the so called Government of National Unity. He is asking the other parties to drop their petitions so that they can join his govt and loot as they usually do.

Let’s call a thief, a thief!

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!

2 thoughts on “Yar Adua’s Assets Declaration is Meaningless!

  1. I’ve always been a harsh critic of the Nigerian government, but I believe this is a step forward. Democracy in its infancy is riddled with imperfections. At lest he’s setting a good precedence… after him many governors are declaring their assets.

    But here are some things about Yar’adua you need to know. He might not be assertive, charismatic and agressive, but he has a semblance of intgrtity absent in over 90% of the polity.

    1. As a governor he never owned a generator in his house.
    2. Him and his family eat local, home-grown food as much as they can.
    3. He was probably the only governor who didn’t loot the state treasure before his departure from office.
    4. His state has an excellent record of infrastructure.

    I am not the president of the Yar’adua fan clut, but still, you gotta give credit where it’s due.


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