Lack of Functional Refinery in Nigeria: We must Bell the Cat

Adeola Aderounmu.

Nigeria is my beloved country of birth. Every day I cannot stop to wonder why people live in poverty in Nigeria. This is a country that has what it takes to be the best place to live on planet earth. Unfortunately, the poorest people alive may be in Nigeria. Yet, day in day out, we deceive ourselves.


One of my friends cannot stop to be optimistic in declaring his belief in what he has called the Nigerian Project.  I don’t blame him: he has a good job and he can take a holiday in UK. What is the Nigerian Project for all the women and men at Oshodi market? What is the Nigerian project to a 10 years old boy selling clothes at Tejuosho market? What is the Nigerian project to these helpless people selling pure water under the heat of the sun? Where is the Nigerian project when some Nigerians are joining the desert caravan to reach Libya and Morocco for deadly onward transmission to Southern Europe?


What is the meaning of the Nigerian project self? This country has crude oil BUT there are no refineries to turn it into usable products by its citizens. Nobody is telling us why after 47 years of independence, we cannot stop importing petrol for Nigerians to use.


I am very sure that some idiots are making billions of naira from this anomaly. All our past corrupt head of states and presidents know about the deal and they have sold us into perpetual slavery. I am very sure that all those who are in governance in Nigeria are thieves. I am very convinced that if they are not all thieves, one of them should have told the rest that we should stop importing petrol and make our refineries work.


No one has said anything concerning this grave sin against Nigerians and Nigerians themselves are always quiet. No one dares the government, no one takes risk. Instead, we worship people who steal our money to oppress us.


If our refinery does not work in the next 12 months or if new refineries are not built to start functioning at the earliest time possible, then Yar Adua will be the latest thief in power. He is already suffering from lack of legitimacy. No one can ask him to be accountable because he was smuggled in by one shameless Baba and another illiterate professor.


Belling the cat in Nigeria goes beyond the refinery question. It extends to Nigerians being able to sit down as soon as possible and define the purpose of the entity called Nigeria. Some people are enjoying beyond what is comprehensible, millions are suffering beyond imagination. This leaves a big question mark on resource allocation and what a functional state is.

Some thieves have billions piled away in foreign banks and some stupid Islands somewhere; Millions are hungry back home looking for 1 or 2 dollars a day. The poorest people are living where the crude oil comes from. I cannot help it! What madness is this?


How can we be so blessed only for a few to enjoy it and millions (over 70%) are hungry and cannot live a decent life? Is Nigeria the heart or the jungle of Africa?


Why are we fooling ourselves? Why is it impossible to prosecute all these thieves? We want back our money; we want to build Nigeria for our children and children’s children.

Give us functional refineries and appropriate petroleum price once and for all.

All Politicians in Nigeria are thieves. I said so!

There is no Governance in Nigeria. What we have is a group of beggars who collect money every month and transformed them into personal wealth at the detriment of the entire country and people.

When we have governance in Nigeria, the glory of Nigeria will come.


One thought on “Lack of Functional Refinery in Nigeria: We must Bell the Cat

  1. It is an old song, is it not?

    The refinery na he get em,
    The contract, na he you go give em
    But you go pay him small money make Umaru bring em
    you be the mugu, he be the master


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