My First Book!(Publisher Wanted)

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By Adeola Aderounmu.

I have just finished my first book.  The title of the book is CHRISTMAS IN HELL.

About 100 pages and five chapters plus an appendix, the book is basically a commentary on Nigeria. It includes thought provoking essays some of which have been published by the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, the Nigerian Champion Newspaper and

Some of the opinions and commentaries have also appeared on the Nigerian Village Square and the Nigerian muse. Some of them have appeared on my blog and have been refined in a well articulated manuscript.

Chapter one is about the people of Nigeria (not the history of Nigeria).

Chapter two talks about Politics, the Government, the state of Infrastructure and some disturbing ways of life.

Chapter 3 talks briefly about Diaspora and chapter four is just a selection of more articles and commentaries on Nigeria.

Chapter 5 takes a look at the future of Nigeria.


The book ends with an appendix which include how the BBC utilised my blog in a story and my commentary on Nigeria which appeared on

The book wraps up with my concise view on Africa.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!