Adeola Aderounmu.

Don’t be alarmed, this is my personal thought. It is not a declaration from some group or organisation.

Racism and maltreatment of people with African origin will NEVER stop.

Today is historic in the life of Nigerians. Some concerned citizens have organized a worldwide demonstration to protest the MURDER of Osamuyia Aikpitanhi in the hands of the Spanish Police. He was killed on the 9th of June 2007 while been flown on a notorious IBERIA flight to Lagos.


In Sweden, I took up the voluntary challenge to lead the protest. I have my friends and we do hang out a lot. Usually, they respond to my message when it’s time for party, meeting up in town or going for a game of football.


Today, only 7 people showed up for the demonstration that took place in Stockholm city. Five Nigerians, 1 Zimbabwean, and a Kenya lady was all the response that I got. I sent out more than 210 messages to over 70 people. I imagine that several more Nigerians got the message, some at very short notices. I posted messages on this site (and elsewhere) and I walked the length and breadth of Stockholm city for many days creating awareness and sensitizing people.


The police on the other hand had 2 helicopters flying in the air. They gave us a car to lead us as we march on the streets of Stockholm. They had many other cars and patrols on standby. We marched like this: Sergelarkaden-Hamngatan-Norrmalmstorg-Nybroplan-Strandvägsallen-Djurgårdsbron-Djurgårdsvägen to Hazeliusbacken (just beside SKANSEN) where the Spanish embassy is located.

 ONLY 7 PEOPLE despite the hundreds of Africans that I reached out to and the endless messages to my Nigerian brothers!!!  

Now, you sit there in your house complaining about racism. Racism will NEVER stop. Today we got a chance to give our voices against racism, we BLEW the chance. The Police were at their best today waiting for us to gather. Folks were nowhere to be found. They have gone to work and they cannot ask for a day off to honour Osamuyia or to express their grievances over the maltreatment of Africans.

A Kenyan lady was killed and dropped in water several months ago. Nobody did anything in public to express our collective shock. It was today that our East African brother and sister got some real inspiration that they too can protest the death of their sister.


There is an African mentality that has confined our minds to enslavement. To have a gathering from Sergels Torg in the centre of Stockholm is almost an allergy to Africans. We are used to seeing only people from the Middle East and South America protest there every other day. Today presented a wonderful opportunity but there was no African brother or sister to maximize the begging opportunity.  ONLY 7 of us!

  Africans lack the quality leadership that will make them free. Even when the leadership comes begging or presents itself on a platter of Gold, Africans look the other way or they just sit on the Fence. I don’t see the end of Racism as the start of the war against racism is in coma. 

I can write forever but I’ll leave the thinking to you, afterall the greatest judge is our conscience.

May the Glory of Africa come, soon!


  1. The apathy among Africans on issues of racism is one of the reasons they seek to separate themselves from Blacks in America. It’s like how dare you stand up for yourself because it might have a negative impact on Africans somehow.


  2. Hi Adeola,

    I am so sad and sorry to read about this abominable incident and murder of Osamuyia Aikpitanhi. I cannot help but agree with your points about lack of cohesion amongst Africans. I think it stems from selfishness and cowardice. If your house isn’t on fire you can go to sleep whilst your neighbour’s house is ablaze. What people like that forget is that sooner than later, that fire will spread from hs neighbour’s to his house, and it would be too late as he will have no one to help him as his neighbour would have already died. There is always strength in number no matter what. I sad yesterday reminiscencing over the 40th anniversary of King’s assassination. He dared to speak out when no one else would. The African people should take a leaf from the JEWS! There is power in UNITY! If that lesson is not learnt, racism against Africans will never stop – I completely and sadly agree with you.


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