Nigeria: The triumph of Evil and the Return of Slavery

Adeola Aderounmu

It may perhaps be true that Nigeria now has a new president. Who knows how long the legality tussle for the new government will last? In the end, if Yar’Adua continues as I thought he would, the issue will be left to the conscience of all. In conscience, we have the greatest judge on earth. From it, there is no hiding place.


 Yar’Adua is a kind man as I have read. Much of the things I’ve heard about him are great especially in terms of his simplicity. Many Nigerians belong to the school of thoughts that if the criminalized elections are re-conducted, Yar’Adua will probably win in the absence of rigging and cheating. 

That is a good point and there is nothing wrong when people expressed their opinions. It is fundamental that we can all state our views and argue about issues. This is the beauty of democracy if allowed to thrive as it should be. 

Personally, I will never pick up any issue with Yar’Adua especially because he has the right to be Nigeria’s president. However, without any hatred for the person of the so called New President, I shall write a few lines to justify the topic of this write-up. 

What happened in Nigeria on April 21 2007 symbolically represents the absolute return of slavery to Nigeria. The difference here is that this time, one of our own (using his insignificant fair-weather accomplices) has succeeded to impose his will and wishes on the rest of us.

Slavery means many things to many people but in all, oppression is a common feature. Another prominent aspect of slavery is the silencing of the voice of the oppressed through a do-or-die approach of the slave master. 

If Yar’Adua is the best candidate as some people have claimed, why was it not possible to get him in through the votes? I will not repeat the shameful things that happened on that day. Those things were worse than daylight rape.  But I will repeat that accepting the false mandate speaks volume on the integrity of Yar’Adua. 

On the 21st of April 2007 (incidentally in the 21st century also), evil triumphed in Nigeria. Indeed, we have not succeeded until now to transfer power from one civilian government to another. This is one strong argument on the part of those who support Obasanjo and Yar’Adua. In my opinion, this is a sheer recklessness of thoughts.

 What is wrong if Obasanjo tells Iwu to conduct a credible election and transfer power in the proper way? Would it have been wrong to do things the right way? Obviously NO! So, why do we always have to do things the wrong way and pretend like everything is alright? What can’t corruption and greed beget? 

Evil is not on the rise in Nigeria, it is triumphing. Look around! From the illiterates and sycophants who are running the show in Oyo state to the funny millionaires that have seized control in Anambra state. Those who transport raw dollars in presidential jets are obviously friends of Ribadu, the EFCC boss. They are the anointed and the untouchables. Really, I pity Oyo state just like I pity the rest of Nigeria. Just imagine one man always holding the state to ransome. He has done that for ages and in all dispensations.  That Adedibu is walking and living a free man is one of the greatest threats to democracy in Nigeria. In Adedibu and people like Alao-Akala, evil has triumphed. You may begin to wonder also why some people are above the law in Nigeria. Where in Nigeria do the intelligent people live and what has become of the voice of the learned?


The burden of governance in Nigeria is huge. Notwithstanding, if one man can impose his will on us and there is nothing we can do about it or we did nothing about it, there is no greater slavery in human history. It reaches equivalence with whatever form of previous slavery you want to compare it to. Fela, the late afro beat King who remains more famous than all Nigerian slaves’ masters (did you think they were presidents?), dead or alive, was very prophetic. His music and voice lingers. Suffering and smiling; that’s how he described Nigerians. Suffering and smiling is a paraphrase for resiliency and this singular trait is the shade for the concealment of the slavery in Nigeria. 

So, what we have now basically is a new governor general (GG) in Aso rock who will be reporting to the Patriarch at the Otta base. The first report has been done by the queen already: the governor general’s family had set the ball rolling. I am convinced that many more reports and visits will follow.  

Nigerians may be lucky though, the GG may use his kindness to the good of all. We don’t know how things or events will play out. It will be unkind to crucify our new GG. If he persists in power under the illegitimacy that surrounds him, the people will continue to hope that better days will come. But if it doesn’t work out, the people will be quick to re-collect that he was forced down their throats. If the evil continues to persist, the people will remember how they have once again been sold into slavery, pretty much against their will. Afterall, they were up against a former general who told them to do his wish or die doing the contrary. Head or tail, the masses lose. 

This is how I see it!

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