The War in Northern Nigeria: Boko Haram detonates 20 Bombs in Kano

Adeola Aderounmu

No doubt, Boko Haram is at war with the Jonathan led corrupt government in Abuja.

Bomb blasts rock Kano, Northern Nigeria and the situation is best expressed as war in Kano. Among the targets were military and paramilitary outfits. The SSS office was targeted as well as the offices of the Migration and Police Stations.

Altogether about 20 bombs exploded at different locations. A reporter for the independent Channels Television was killed. Eneche Akogwu was executed by the Boko Haram militants right in front of the state house in Kano.
Several people have been wounded and obviously several people have been killed as well.

Journalist assasinated in the line of duty

There are no exact figures of the number of dead persons but corpses were removed from many of the sites of the bomb blasts and an immigration office lie lifeless in front of the immigration office in Kano.

More than 220 people died.

Immigration officer killed in Kano

Immigration officer killed in Kano

Many more Nigerians have called for the convocation of a national conference to chart the way forward for Nigeria but like in the past those who are in charge of Nigeria today are not interested.

It is even worse with the foolish ruler that presides over Nigeria today. His name is Goodluck Jonathan. This man sent the Nigerian army into Lagos to kill and maim protesters who are against his style of governance and demanding changes.

But in northern Nigeria Boko Haram continue to enjoy freedom of movement and license to kill. Mr. Jonathan declared states of emergency in some states in the North but with no blue prints or instructions on how to discharge the orders. Hence Boko Haram and their sponsors continue to remains steps ahead of the Nigerian security agencies.

Boko Haram is so bold it dares to attack the police stations, immigration offices and the offices of the lame state security agancies. You can never ask for a greater insult on the security outfit of a country. Nigeria is weak and Jonathan is foolish.

How can a ruler send battalions of armies to Lagos where harmless protesters are converging to express their minds and the same ruler cannot do anything tangible about the war in Northern Nigeria? Even if there are military presences in Northern Nigeria, it is almost useless or worthless because Boko Haram continues to keep the war running, unhindered. They blow up whatever they want and they almost can assassinate whoever they want. Where is the protection from the Jonathan government?

What is going on in Northern Nigeria is not less than a war. 20 bombs at once is a mega-war situation. Boko Haram is at war with the government of Mr. Jonathan. It is unfortunate that the terrorist group cannot confront Jonathan and his stealing executives but instead have been killing innocent people.

Even after every major attack, Boko Haram continues to carry out series of other attacks and arsons. After the Kano bombs, churches and other places have been attacked in the North. So it is a continuous war.

Nigeria is definitely on the brink and soon the bubble will burst!

Then it might be too late to institute the changes we have called for many times. Let us sit down to discuss how to partition this country so that each region can have control over its resources and regional development.

History will not forgive the present captors of Nigeria if they refuse to give way to constitutional changes that will stop the war in Northern Nigeria. The coming rage may be too fierce to stop by the zombies posted to Lagos.

One thought on “The War in Northern Nigeria: Boko Haram detonates 20 Bombs in Kano

  1. Most nigerian especially the northerners points fingers on the president,he did this and that,no body have cummented on the past efforts not even one day that the president done a good thing, becouse he is from the east,peharps goodluck is not a nigerian,but the oil in his village is for nigeria own by the north.pls we should stop deceiving our selves,the notherners were u born only to rule.if u dont like mr president seek for peacefull sepration,and stop killing inncent people every for ur rituals .claiming u serve Allah.


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