Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala , Please Resign Now..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

Ngozi threatened to resign if Jonathan reverses the fuel subsidy removal. Who wants her in Nigeria in the first place?

This woman and Obasanjo allegedly stole Abacha’s loot that was returned to Nigeria by the Swiss government. She has not given the account of how the money disappeared.

Jonathan brought her back because she is a member of the “chop and clean mouth group” but Nigerians didn’t know that. Many people think she is a good woman.

From the moment the demanded to be paid in dollars rather than naira, Naijas should have known she is no saint.

But we always ignore the signs.

It was the same reasons Nigerians stupidly voted for the PDP in 2011. They claimed to vote for Jonathan and some of us ask them “what is the difference”?

I was quick to tell those who have ears that voting for Jonathan will make 1999-2015 pdp years the worst years of our life. Who needs prophecy in Nigeria when the signs are so glaring? Only we chose to be sentimental and ignore the signs all the time.

Now we all know better.

But we are in the struggle together no matter what.

What is going on in Nigeria today can help us define the future. It is to restructure Nigeria as a true federation or different regions.

If we don’t take power away from the center, all the present struggle will be in vain.

Politics must be made unattractive by ensuring that the politicians follow the same wage pattern as other government workers.

The fight against corruption cannot be over emphasized. It is the greatest single path to the promotion of common wealth among the over 160m people.

Otherwise all these demonstrations and occupations around Nigeria will be in vain. Jonathan can re-instate the subsidy and corruption and politics will continue as usual.

And for Ngozi Okojo Iweala, she can resign and go to hell for all that we care. There are more than 160m Nigerians and surely there are over 20m Nigerians qualified for her job as the finance minister. Who does she think she is?

This woman thinks that Nigeria is under her. What a joke.

It would be more sensible to actually arrest her and let her face prosecution for the mismanagement of the economy and for creating policies that have created public disturbances and instability.

Nigeria is bigger than any individual, no matter where they get their ineffective qualifications.

Please Ngozi, go on exile before the whirlwind consume you or bring you to justice. Shio..!