The Foolish Jonathan Presidency

By Adeola Aderounmu

Instead of arresting corrupt Nigerians and retrieving the stolen wealth of Nigeria, Mr. Jonathan preferred to remove the (alleged, non-existent) fuel subsidy and thereby ensuring that Nigerians are further demoted down. This means that Nigerians will now be forced to survive on even less than USD1 per day.

Already there are Nigerians who have no form of material comfort. No work, no money, no social and health security.

Some, several millions to be sure, have no form of income and no hope for the next hour.

Unemployment and hopelessness are ways of life of over 40m Nigerians.

Over 90m Nigerians are unsure of the next meal.

Words are never going to be enough to repeat that the situation in Nigeria ranks among the worst human tragedies of this era. This is largely underreported.

It is sad because as one of the richest countries in the world, it is ironic that Nigerians rank among the poorest people alive. The situation in Nigeria raises a lot of issues concerning the intelligence of the black race.

Yet rather than confront the issues, Mr. Jonathan pushed them aside and hinged the resuscitation of Nigeria on the fuel subsidy. Okonjo Iweala is a disgrace to the intelligence of the black race for championing this cause.

Can Jonathan and Iweala frankly face Nigerians and tell them that removal of fuel subsidy is the solution to the problems facing Nigeria? This collective daftness should be challenged and Nigerians will be slaves forever in their own country if they allow this fuel subsidy removal to stay. It must not, even Iweala and Jonathan should be carefully probed among the corrupt Nigerians who have destroyed the Nigerian economy.

I make bold to question Iweala on the recovered Abacha’s loot. She was the finance Minister when the Swiss Government returned parts of the monies that Abacha looted. Where is the money?

Jonathan should also be reminded that his wife is among the thieves who have looted the Nigerian treasury. She could only have done that with the consent of Jonathan himself. Jonathan and his legacy in Bayelsa leave much to be desired. He has no track record to show for any positive performance in government. Nigerians are in the hands of fraudsters!

The economy of Nigeria cannot get better by removal of fuel subsidy. It will get better when Jonathan and the PDP looters stop looting the treasury.

The economy of Nigeria will get better when true federalism is re-introduced and power taken away from the corrupt Aso Rock.

The economy of Nigeria will improve if all the people who stole monies meant for national development are prosecuted and made to return the monies they stole.

The money that have been stolen from Nigeria is several trillions of naira which make Jonathan and Iweala’s argument a foolish one.

These fools cannot fight corruption because they are part of it.

Nigerians should never, never allow them to get away with this madness.

A protester gunned down by the government of Jonathan, Jan 3 2012

A protester gunned down by the government of Jonathan, Jan 3 2012

Jonathan is showing his true colour. Nigerians are now faced with bullets and at least 2 people have been reported killed by the Jonathan government.

The people have the right to protest against the increase in the price of fuel. Transport cost has increased to over 100% more. In some place to over 300%. The price of everything has gone up and Nigerians earn N18 000 minimum wage, which is even yet to be implemented.

This government is EVIL and it must be STOPPED by all or any means possible.

Nigeria Was Divided Into Separate Nations Under Obasanjo..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

It is hard to understand why Nigerians fail to realize that the country was already officially divided under Obasanjo.

The constitution of Nigeria states clearly and unambiguously that no state can practice its on religion.

Even the Federal Government is forbidden from practicing any form of religion.

But we know that several of the Northern States in Nigeria follow the Sharia Law.

This implies that Northern States that practice sharia law are not obliged to obey or follow the constitution of Nigeria. Otherwise they would not have a defined state religion.

Whether we accept it or not Nigeria was already officially divided under Obasanjo.

It is therefore only a matter of time that the social injustice, ignorance, illiteracy, maladministration and widespread poverty across the country would widen and make visible the fractures that have been created by the religio-politics of the Northern states. The time draws near.