Goodluck Jonathan Disgraced at the African Union Meeting.

Goodluck Jonathan Heading for the Grass?

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mr. Jonathan was more or less disgraced at the African Union Meeting in Addis Ababa on 29th January 2012.
Ghana led a group that voted against Goodluck Jonathan. President Thomas Yayi Boni of Benin was elected as Chairperson of the African Union (29-01-2012).

If Goodluck Jonathan was unsure of his popularity in Africa he just got a straight forward answer.
He is already rejected and hated in Nigeria. He is the worst president to ever walk Africa and he had the guts to want to try to lead Africa.

Northern Nigeria is at war with him and Abuja the capital of global corruption, he should hurry home and defend the people he sworn to defend as written in the constitution.

If not that Jonathan has no shame, how can a man who fails at home try to lead the entire continent. This is a man that single handedly plunge Nigeria into its Occupy Nigeria crises.

African leaders should never again allow a failed leader to lead the African Union.

Today, all Africans have to thank Ghana for leading the votes against Nigeria.

I don’t think Jonathan knows what he is doing.

He has not done anything to reverse the price of petrol and Nigerians are paying double or triple for everything compared to the prices they have before the Christmas of 2011.

Also all the looting in the Jonathan government have not been reverted or cancelled. The man is still spending N3b of Nigeria’s money on food. His allowances for local and international travel exceed N5m daily. Is this president normal? Where is he going with N5 million daily?

Nigerians must thank Ghana and the other countries who voted for the president of Benin. We could have been told that the rest of Africa agree with these lootings and stealing by Jonathan and other Nigerian politicians had Jonathan won.

The message is clear and strong. Mr. Jonathan is heading for the grass and he will soon be there.

Nigerians are suffering and the Jonathans and co are enjoying. This season won’t last. The end of it must come, soon.

6 thoughts on “Goodluck Jonathan Disgraced at the African Union Meeting.

  1. Jonathan is acursed for not bein able to defend Christians in Northern Nigeria wheras, Yayi Boni of Benin of Benin was blessed by the Pope during his recent visit to Cotonou.


  2. Thank you Ghana for leading the vote against Jonathan (not against Nigeria)Jonathan is already rejected by most Nigerian due to his anti-people programs, policies and laxity.He lacks the moral justification,competency and capability to heading the AU.These guys are not taking us serious.We said he is not fit to rule Nigeria talk less of leading Africa.He should wake up to that reality.
    People should stop deceiving this man.Tell him the truth.He is simply unpopular.


  3. Father in Heaven,kindly have mercy on the citizens more especially children in Nigeria because they are also part of your creation. Let our cries ascend unto you as the Israelites. This I ask through your Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Lord.Amen.


  4. Yes, the GoodLuck Jonathan led administration is not a fruitful one, since his administration, we’ve encountered unbearable loss of human lives & property, yet, he has made no effort to put this crises to a halt. He should settle the problem in his country Nigeria before vying for a wider scope of government. Afterall, charity they say, begins at home.


  5. I am very glad of Goodluck johnathan getting voted down as the African union Chairman. Thank for the country in ghana for the first to vote Goodluck Johnathan down as AU Chairman.I believe anfd think that this is a big push for the Revolution in nigeria. I belive within myself that I will be a big part of this Revolution in Nigeria an the Niger Delta.i hope all the niger Delta Liberation Force get ready to geared up once again to rip the heart of the corparate Nigeria military.I am Ready For the nigeria Revolution.


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