The Nigerian Terrorist? No, we are not a nation of terrorists

Adeola Aderounmu

One Abdul Mudallab has been named as the Nigerian Terrorist that tried to blow up a passenger plane arriving in the US.

I will make this a very short response because details are still emerging that will throw more lights on the incidents (and even the precedents).

But I want to assure all friends of Nigeria and Nigerians that this is totally an isolated incident. Nigerians are not terrorists. Nigeria is a country where Islam and Christianity are the dominant religions. Muslims are concentrated in the North and Christians in the South.

Religious riots are common in the North and sporadic in the South but above all we try to overcome our differences and live in peace. It is hard because of poverty and ignorance especially in the North where it is relatively easier to lure people into violence or acts of violence.

Nigerians are generally peace loving, warm, friendly and very tolerant. If any Nigerian is caught as a terrorist, it will be mostly due to ignorance and personal ideology rather than a common trait. We are not terrorists and we don’t plan to become a terrorist nation. True, the North of Nigeria may have been infiltrated but still it doesn’t reveal that this is an accepted ideology.

Surely I will try to write more about this as details unfold. AND this particular incident is giving me a shift away from the focus of my blogging. I have never thought that a day will come that I will write about terrorism on my blog. But the day is here now as a “Nigerian” Abdul Mudallad has been caught and this is a very reckless attempt to give the rest of us a bad name.

The Nigerian Press must ensure a fair report of this incident and together we must do all we can to restore our image: Nigeria is not a country of terrorists!

Profile of suspected Nigerian Terrorist

Name: Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab
Age: 23-year-old
Father: Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former First Bank chairman, former minister and prominent banker
Family Homes: Katsina/Kaduna, Northern Nigeria and home in Central London
Education: British International School, Lome, Togo, University College, London
Countries visited/ residence: UK, Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen, Dubai


28 thoughts on “The Nigerian Terrorist? No, we are not a nation of terrorists

  1. Please something must be done to this, Why are people trying to paint us bad,,, this is really killing and some has to be done as soon as possible.A detailed explanation is expected

  2. This doesn’t look good for Nigerias image. This is a very serious issue. If Nigeria has a connection with terrorisim that will damage its industry and tourism. Investments will not be made in Nigeria.

  3. The is the prize Nigeria must pay for being so reckless in the issuance of Nigerian Passport. With a couple of thousand Naira , a Nigerian Immigration officer will “issue” the Nation’s passport to a rat, a goat or mule. Period. don believe me go to any immigration office in Lagos, Abuja or any where else and you will need no proof again. Its a Do It your self business!!
    Secondly unless that “terrorist” is a US Citizen or a Green card Holder, one needs to know how in the world that “terrorist” got a US Visa to enter this country, and if it is true that the FBI and Homeland Security have been following this ‘scumbag” , how come the Consular office that issued him a Visa did not have enough information to deny him a Visa to the US. Meanwhile well intentioned people who either want to meet with memebrs of their families or have good business deals to execute in the US are routinely denied Visa for some very good reasons always!

  4. Did someone say the man is a Nigerian
    I dare him to deny he is Not from Niger!
    if he is a Nigerian let him identify his village and their compound in the Village, Let this man tell us who is village Head who most of the time can identify his parents or their relatives….we are waiting!!

  5. If the terrorist is really a Nigeria ,why don’t he posses at least a basic Nigeria certificate. All his Certificates were off Nigerian eg. International school lome, Togo and university college London
    My questions are
    1) If the terrorist is based in London what brought him to Nigeria?
    2) What was his mission to America and what Motive has his Visa

  6. We Nigerians are peaceful, loving people who love foreigners in our country, we do not see colours but all we see is people, and we have great relationships with UK and USA and where ever we go and we are acknowledged and respected.
    This named bastered has only brought shame and tanished the names of all Nigerians. I just want to say that we are not terrorist nation, we welcome everyone in our country, and people who have visited Nigeria will acknowledge this that we are friendly nation who does not support anyone playing a part in terrorism.
    The bastered might not even be a Nigerian.

  7. Sadly, Nigerians don’t have a good reputation abroad, amongst their community or even the European community. (even though I believe there are many reasonable/respectable Nigerians).

    This issue will now lead to Blacks being singled out at airports etc. A lot of people are already talking about racical profiling. Some support it, some don’t. The debate is going on…

    It ain’t looking good.

  8. Am a less privilage Nigeria leaving in Europe bacuase of the hardship the parents of this idiot and other Nigerians leaders has caused Nigerians like me to go through,we work hard but barely get food to eat and less oportunity to school yet millions of our oil dolars spent on a terrorist.My prayer is the US shuold please skin this stupid terrorist and the islam religion should be refined becuause it has become a terrorist organization.The USA and the rest of the world should speak thier mind and act right islam is a terrorist organization.I hate this religion they never teach peace but violent. Tell me one good thing about islam,am sorry am not able to expres myself because am not oportune to study in school due to poorverty in my family but am a Nigeria oil rich country but for some like the family of this stupid terrorist.

  9. Dare I say it’s not up to the Nigerian press to ensure accurate reporting… It’s actually down to the Nigerian High Commission in the related countries to ensure that this case is treated fairly and justly – and the outcome of that would be respectful and objective reporting .

    I’m a patriot myself, but please lets not kid ourselves, terrorism is faceless, nameless and raceless. The fact that a Nigerian was susceptible to this only proves this. There’s been a significant number of UK terrorist hell bent on causing grave harm to other UK citizens, that doesn’t mean anyone would think everyone in the UK is a terrorist – far from it…
    So for those who are afraid they won’t get a visa to the US, if you don’t have any Alqaeda/Yemeni -terrorist links, you’re safe… breathe easy …

  10. Please, Nigerians are terrorists in the same way that most Muslims are: stop masking your terror, bigotry, sexism, and extremism as either a religion or a myth: they are both true and we can see it day to day in the newspapers!

    We don’t see Chinese blowing themselves up. We don’t see Croats blowing themselves up. We don’t see Lutheran’s blowing themselves up. But we see PLENTY of Muslims and Nigerians killing innocent people and claiming it’s for “Allah”.

  11. Am in surport of the person who described Nigeria as a terrorist country,yes this is true cos the Nigerian muslim are more or less worse than the taliban in thier ways of lives,how can this stupid muslim in Nigeria kill a pregnant woman from the south for mistakenly stepping on a piece of dirty koran on the floor or killing the christain and burning churches in the north?they invented sharian laws but their leaders hide to drink,fornicate and loot our oil rich money all in the name of allah.Christianity teaches peace but i need some one to tell me what islam stands for cos i know christianity teaches peace while islam teaches fabrications of bombs and looting of money.Personally the GREAT GEORGE BUSH JUNIOR the former U.S.A preseident remains my favorite I wish he will come back to bomb this criminals covering as islam religion,if not for the good Americans the stupid organized religion would have used force on individual to be criminal like them.Am greatful to God that he was cought in U.S.A the father cannot use Nigeria oil money to bribe his way out of U.S.A prison.This idiot has never worked in his life I pray there should be hard work waiting for him in the prison and more jet built to fight this criminal world wide and i do advice the father to read bible make a research and see the truth between Chrisianity and the organozed islam religion now known as bomb fabrication institute.

  12. Most of Nigerian important men from the south were been killed by the muslim just for power or oil money while then should a Nigerian say that we Nigerian are not terrorist.Who killed dale giwa,who killed abiola e.t.c,The father of this terrorist I suspect him to be a terrorist too.

  13. Nigeria and Ghana should stop passing the buck about who allowed the terrorist to board the plane. He succeeded because there was a general lapse in all the security outfits in Ghana, Nigeria and The Netherlands. If the concern of Abdulmutallab’s father was taken serious, he would not have been allowed to board a plane.
    Our survival is not only in airport security; there must be warm handshakes and embraces among all the security organizations of the countries of the world and all info should be scrutinized .
    Abdulmutallab’s fathyer should be hailed. No American father would do that.

  14. Nigerians are NOT terrorist. In the name of peace, why don’t we unite as one?
    Domestic problems are quite different from international issues. Terrorism is more severe than our domestic problems back home. We should not tarnish our own images.
    It will backfire on most of us that travels.

  15. The issue on ground is a reflection and summary of religious crises in d past that plagued Nigeria, if left unchecked can degenerate into fullblown terrorism in the country.D issue is a total package of recklessnes by some parents to train their children.

  16. as a mother, i wonder what will be running through the mind and head of Abdul Farouk umar’s mother now. there is need for all mothers all over the world to be close to their children . most mothers had failed in their primary responsibility of child rearing as ordained by the almighty. we are all running after material ephemeral things of this world.the acknowledgement of loneliness on the part of umar is an indication that the parents had left him for too long.he therefore sought solace in ‘other matters’. the father; a banker too had been preoccupied with banking career which in Nigeria is very demanding unlike in other countries of the world.The mother too had not been observant all these years ;hence she couldnt realise that her son was drifting away. am very sure this drifting did not happen overnight but gradually. This is a lesson to all mothers . lonely children will always want to fill the vacuum of parental love and care most especially the internationally exposed ones like umar.parental love and care is more than attendance of expensive ivy league international schools and summer holidays.

  17. To some extent, it could be due to lonelyness, but a right minded person wouldn’t have gone down that route to seek solace from being a terrorist. There are beautiful things he could do in Dubai, where he was studying. May be it was the affluence that he was born into that pushed him that route. A man who is suffering to make ends meet in Nigeria would not go that route.
    Having said that, mothers shouldn’t forget their matrimonial obligations on their families.
    A person who has been brought up in the light of God would not even set out with an intension of going out to blow up one person talk less of hundreds of people. This boy is inhumane.

  18. I know Nigerians in the US, and the ones I come across have nothing but good intentions. As a nation Nigeria is known to be a very intelligent and God fear people.
    But hell, I’m all for it. I say check them… The northern Nigerians are Muslims or the Hausa tripe are cruel and evil people. They go around kill Christians just because the worship the Jesus Christ… The Nigerians in the south are all Christians, many people in the US and UK know that Nigeria is not a terrorists country. However I feel as a Christian if you have nothing to hide, then this should not be an issue. Just let them check you, eventually the truth will come out. President Obama is just doing his job. I just hope the US will be a pit more tactful about this issue. The way things are going, almost every country will soon end up being labeled as a terrorist country.

    Hey Do what you gotta do… USA BABY

    What Nigeria should do is, work closely with the US and figure out how to work this whole thing out. If Nigeria corporate with the US and not kick against beefing up security, things will start to look up.

    Yemen and the Netherlands are in the hot water…

  19. This is what we are talking about in Nigeria, The Islam have turn them self to devil, snake and scorpion we hear of Boko Haram Sect today, Killing and Burning of houses tomorrow, slautering of man,human rituals… my conclusion is that the US should make sure this guy face hhheeeellll in the prison,and people of similar thought should be monitored and wiped off, Islamic is not a religion at all, those in it should see dis as opportunity to repent for their salvation.

  20. Nigerians are not Terrorists. I hope this is not a plan by the usual group to send their army to Nigeria in the name of Liberation, in other to start controlling our oil resources. We are smarter than that and you all know this. Adding Nigeria to the list of Terrorist Nations has not been taken in good faith and I hope Mr. Obama does not have an ulterior motive. If he tries to send his people here, he will regret being black.

  21. If Nigeris is a terrorist nation what about the uk?? How many terrorists are grown therer how many british have tried to blow up planes???
    Obama be very careful lest you be the black presidnet that screwed up the whole world

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