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Nigeria: Terrorism, Stateless, Visionless, Aimless and Confusion-ism

Adeola Aderounmu A Nigerian has been arrested for acts of terrorism. Nigeria is in partial turmoil-no light, no fuel, no good roads, no good public schools and so on and so forth. Since 2007 we have battled with the illegal presidency of Yar Adua.… Continue Reading “Nigeria: Terrorism, Stateless, Visionless, Aimless and Confusion-ism”

The Nigerian Terrorist? No, we are not a nation of terrorists

Adeola Aderounmu One Abdul Mudallab has been named as the Nigerian Terrorist that tried to blow up a passenger plane arriving in the US. I will make this a very short response because details are still emerging that will throw more lights on the… Continue Reading “The Nigerian Terrorist? No, we are not a nation of terrorists”

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