Yar Adua is probably not coming back…Can we move on Please?

Adeola Aderounmu

Gone for more than 3 weeks! I don’t think Yar Adua is coming back to Aso rock, a place he illegally and forcefully inherited. If we had built a reputable hospital in Nigeria in all the 10 years he wasted as a top man perhaps the story would have been different. 8 years as a governor and 2 years as a fake president, all wasted just like that!

Life and Power remain transient..!

If we had a well equipped hospital in Nigeria, he would have been in our domain and we would have known firsthand what is going on with him. But now he is hidden, probably enclosed and we have no clue what is going on.

Based on the secrecy of his condition and with no official information from anywhere, it is better to assume that he is not coming back.

Nigerian Politicians based on their wickedness, selfishness and evil ways have refused to follow the constitution. This is so not happening in the year 2009 going to 2010. Where are these people from? In what Age are they living in? I’m talking about Nigerian Politicians, who have become the most ridiculous people on earth.

Is there a Chief Justice of the Federation somewhere? Is there any functional National Assembly in Nigeria? Is there any constitution at all to behold?

Or are we now being ruled by the ex-convict who became a governor in Delta State? Or his lawyer, the AG who is ridiculously shameless? Who is in charge of this prevalent nonsense?

Can we move on please?

Goodluck Jonathan was the VP imposed on us. Please give him to us with all his imperfections and stains. We will take it, even if to remove this ridicule from our existence for a short period-until 2011.

I have written elsewhere that Jonathan should become the president of Nigeria but that we should NEVER AGAIN in our lives allow the kind of process that gave rise to him and Yar Adua. Our votes were not counted in the most evil selection process in Nigeria’s history.

It’s time to move on. The truth will soon be known to all and by that time the shame of Nigerian politicians would have magnified. They are liars now, what will they be when the whole situation-the bigger picture is revealed?

The lazy lawmakers should stop looting and stealing. For once let them do something right. Move this country forward, at least by one step, even if it’s an ant-step.

Please and please, stop this national shame and nonsense.

Let Yar Adua be! Even if a miracle brings him back, he is definitely not going to be fit for that game of squash let alone head a village meeting. He would need rest.

We are talking about 150m other people being held stagnant. Fuel scarcity, insecurity, unemployment, school problems and so on, these things are getting worse. Workers are being laid off, the economy is not improving and for 3 weeks we have no direction forward. Does this mean that when Yar Adua was there he was just a figure-head or what? Are there no functions for the number 1 top post in Nigeria? Because it is always mischievously acquired or why?

I can’t shout more than this please…
The time to move on is here.

Enough of this rubbish please.

One thought on “Yar Adua is probably not coming back…Can we move on Please?

  1. i vehemently agree on your write up.pls keep laying the truth bare, since our functionaries don’t want to respond appropriately.


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