The Rise and Rise of Evil..!

By Adeola Aderounmu

In August 2009 I argued that Mr. Yar’ Adua should be sent packing (ref: 10 reasons why Yar’ Adua should resign).…! I continue to maintain that position irrespective of Mr. Yar’Adua’s status. I have never called him a president and I will under no circumstances have any reason to address him as one. As far as I am concern he is a product of evil and illegality. Anyone who has forgotten what happened in 2007 should do a quick browse of the articles on Nigerian Village Square for information.

Mr. Yar’ Adua is very sick and there are reasons to believe he will not be able to return to his illegal post again. I am not taking advantage of his sickness. I know what it is to be sick. When I was 2 my parents actually thought I would die. In 2005 I was nearly off at Karolinska hospital due to an illness. I’ve lost someone I love to cancer. I’ve lost 2 nephews to preventable causes. My mum is down with stroke. Many of us have our personal problems but we didn’t pause Nigeria with our problems. No one has such right or privilege.

At this moment that Nigeria should be looking ahead we are now being held static by forces and individuals who are playing gods with our existence. They have reasons to do that. Very stupid reasons actually! In the history of this failing nation we have never successfully elected leaders into political offices. It has been one rigging after another or one military dictatorship after another. It is based on these types of precedents that the current rogues who called themselves politicians in Nigeria are incapable of moving the nation forward.

Evil is perpetually on the rise in Nigeria. It appears that it will continue to be so until one day that the people will be able to say enough is enough. If the people of Nigeria continue to sit down and look without taking actions then nothing will change. The politicians will continue to do what they know best: use violence or military influence to rig elections, loot the treasury and never give a damn about the consequences of their actions.

There was a call from about 56 prominent Nigerians that Yar Adua should resign. Actually that is not their call. That call is for 150m Nigerians to make. Indeed that call should be the sign of things to come. There is nothing stopping 150m Nigerians from forming a formidable unit to resist this evil and face it for once and for all time.

Nigerians have a moral obligation to bring down the reign of evil and its agents. The constitution is not perfect but that it is not even respected means that we live under the reign of tyranny in disguise. So why not bring it down. Heaven will not fall with it..!

Today we have very shameless men and women parading the corridors of power. It is so unbelievable the types of statements and information that emanate daily from these tropical gangsters in agbada. Their collective mentality brings ridicule to the rest of us. Seriously there is something wrong with the black race. What will it take to break it if it is a curse or sort?

Again the main reason why we are at this crossroad is because of the wrong way we took to this point. Imagine if our votes were counted in 2007 we will not be at this junction. It is therefore more imperative at this point than at any other point of our crumbling history that we seize this moment and start doing it right at whatever cost!

Those of us who do not accept Umaru cannot discard Goodluck. What we must ensure is to allow him assume the position of the number one citizen but doing all we can before 2011 to avoid the kind of process that manufactured him and his diminishing boss. No one can deny that they were selectively planted to satisfy the evil desires of Mr. Obasanjo and his co-travellers.

I must reiterate that Nigerians must rise up for their own good so prevent the further rise of evil in Nigeria. At all cost we must ensure transparency of our electoral system. We have had opportunities in the past to do things right but we always spend our times at churches and mosques praying and doing nothing. People should get out of their shrines and act.

We have a lot of things to put in place, back to what they were before independence actually. Our educational system, our health delivery system, our transport system, our economy, our environment, our infrastructure and definitely our employment system and human dignity all require fixing. By ourselves we can declare a state of emergence on our power system and see to it that it works. We should ensure that our national system starts to work again by bringing down all those standing in the way.

These things are achievable. We don’t need a useless 7-point deadly agenda or the prescription of fraudulent minds called vision 20-2020. Nonsense! When we have taken control of our electoral system and being able to elect our representatives then we can start asking for accountability and probity in public and private institutions. We will minimise corruption and give hope to our children and children’s children.

This is the time for Nigerians to unite and ensure that Yar’ Adua does not come back again. He is a liability, too weak for Nigeria even if they package him again. I can tell you that thousands of children have died in Nigeria since the day that he left Nigeria for treatment in a foreign land. This is the time to take measures that will terminate such irresponsible and shameful act from a ruler. Now is that time to do all that is possible to get those politicians, senators and lawmakers to act. If it means going to their houses, why not? If it means millions of Nigerian bombarding Abuja or Aso rock, why not?

To do nothing is to be part and parcel of the evil itself. It will rise forever..!

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