Things are getting worse in Nigeria

Things are getting worse

By Adeola Aderounmu

Surely there must be a turning point for Nigeria. The pump price of gas (petrol) is about to hit the N100 (one hundred naira) official mark. In the black markets and illicit gas stations, the pump price has always been arbitrary and over the N65 mark.

Until the turning point is negotiated by a conscious will, Nigerians are in for the hardest of time now and even in the future. Nigeria is one of the world’s largest producers of crude oil but some of the world’s poorest people live in Nigeria. I have written about these things several times and I have also suggested the way out of Nigeria. The only thing to do for now is to continue to remind Nigerians that unless they say no to oppression and tyranny there is still no hope.

Nigeria is battling a lingering problem of maladministration inflicted mainly by the absence of a true method of governance. Nigeria professes to be a democratic nation but democratic values or principles are missing from governance. Invariably rogues, thieves and thugs have perpetrated themselves in political offices in Nigeria.

As recent as the Ekiti re-elections and the selection of gubernatorial candidates in Anambra State we saw how democratic principles were thrown to the wind to give way to the wishes of Nigerian political gangsters. In an inexplicable manner the people turn the other way and the silly behaviours of the thugs in power continue.

Nigerians have allowed military men and the political class to ruin the country. There are almost no voices of reason in the political game in Nigeria. In Nigeria there has never been a successful mass revolt or demonstration to sack illegal or non-performing governments. Even though Nigerians are intelligent people, the politics, and our general attitudes reveal absence of sensibility.

In 2007 a new but illegal government emerged without elections and to this day the useless government has been allowed to rule. The results are obvious and have been clearly stated several times in other posts on this blog. The most useless government that I have seen in Nigeria is currently in session. Doing nothing, moving nothing but shielding corruption and protecting thieves and rogues.

Things are getting worse and Nigerians must break this silence now. Sack this useless and worthless government and make demands for positive changes. For almost 50 years we have wasted our resources and destroy the foundations of our society. It will take not less than 50 years to rebuild this country, when do we want to start?

Things are getting worse; Nigerians arise and stop this nonsense. Enough is enough.

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