Power Failure at Kano Venue of U-17 Football in Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

In my last but one post about this U-17 championship I wrote “Let us hope that the power supply to the stadia will be fully opertional or that the generators will be loaded with diesel. Any form of darkness at the game venues will spread panic and possibly hypertension. I don’t want to imagine a game at 8pm and blackout at the stadium. FIFA will regret this one decision to give the game to a country lacking in social infrastructure, a country where electricity is almost entirely absent”.

But that was a hopeless hope as Power Failure occured at Kano during the game between Spain and USA on monday. 14 minutes added time was given to compensate for the embarrassing moment.

FIFA be warned! It will probably happen again. This is my country and the government is a total failure when it comes to provuiding electricity. FIFA, it may interest you to know that the power supply at these various stadia are basically on generators running on diesels. It may also interest you that power supply is only to the hotels and stadia where these games are taking place.

In other places in Nigeria, the corrupt and illegal government have failed to provide power to the people.

Please don’t bring these games to Nigeria again until we have achieved 100% power supply to everyone in Nigeria. Thank you!

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