Power Failure at Kano Venue of U-17 Football in Nigeria

By Adeola Aderounmu

In my last but one post about this U-17 championship I wrote “Let us hope that the power supply to the stadia will be fully opertional or that the generators will be loaded with diesel. Any form of darkness at the game venues will spread panic and possibly hypertension. I don’t want to imagine a game at 8pm and blackout at the stadium. FIFA will regret this one decision to give the game to a country lacking in social infrastructure, a country where electricity is almost entirely absent”.

But that was a hopeless hope as Power Failure occured at Kano during the game between Spain and USA on monday. 14 minutes added time was given to compensate for the embarrassing moment.

FIFA be warned! It will probably happen again. This is my country and the government is a total failure when it comes to provuiding electricity. FIFA, it may interest you to know that the power supply at these various stadia are basically on generators running on diesels. It may also interest you that power supply is only to the hotels and stadia where these games are taking place.

In other places in Nigeria, the corrupt and illegal government have failed to provide power to the people.

Please don’t bring these games to Nigeria again until we have achieved 100% power supply to everyone in Nigeria. Thank you!


Nigeria 2009 BC?

By Adeola Aderounmu

There is almost 100% complete darkness in Nigeria. The other day women in Abuja were rejoicing over the promise by NEPA that they will be supplied electricity from 7am to 10am daily.

Almost every household in Nigeria now has 1, 2 or 3 power generator sets. From small sizes making loud noises to the very big making deafening noises they come in different shapes and makes. There are even custom-built power generators with minimum price of N150, 000. Nigeria in my opinion is probably the most polluted country in the world. The noise and chemical substances release from the combustion of fuel may have severe consequences now and in the future.

So where does this leave Nigeria because she Nigeria prides herself as the giant of Africa. I hope every Nigerian knows that this total absence of public power supply is a big ridicule. It is a very serious shame and catastrophe.

I do not need to re-evaluate the impact on the cost of business and the subsequent high rate of unemployment. What about the inconvenience and the unhappiness knowing that after a hard day at work, you are going back to the heat or the noise that surrounds you. Nerves can break down!

Darkness poses a huge security risk. Bad intentions and armed robberies are made easy under the shade of darkness.

But this lazy government in Nigeria is not even doing anything positive in ensuring that power generation is improved. After 10 useless years of democracy power generation has dropped sharply, the cost of living has increased and the standard of living is extremely poor. Violence, riots, strike and civil unrest is commonplace. Almost all the important public institutions are experiencing one form of unrest or the other.

Education is completely paralyzed and the health care industry is zero. Yar Adua is on his way to The Middle East where he will receive Medical attention. Nigeria’s fake president for you! How else do you want to describe the state of health in Nigeria when the one who claims to be number one citizen goes abroad to receive treatment?

This is why I was visibly shaken by statements made by Jack Warner FIFA’s vice president as he praised Nigeria and our health institutions preparatory to the U-17 World cup. I am wondering why Yar Adua did not go to one of those hospitals that Jack Warner was describing at the draws in Abuja on Friday 7th of August 2009. What is wrong with Jack Warner?

Seriously what will it take?
To have education back on course?
To have our health care up to standard, available and affordable?
To have good roads and basic infrastructure?
To have 24 hour constant power supply all year all life?
To improve the standard of living?
To reduce the cost of living?
To ensure that we practice democracy?
To ensure that life is worth living in Nigeria?

I am very confused, sad and disappointed in Nigeria where “be corrupt” is the first law of survival…