Sarah Palin on wrong tracks

By Adeola Aderounmu.

No doubts Sarah Palin has brought a distasteful insight into the upcoming US presidential elections which is about 4 weeks away. It is no longer news that she doesn’t know the answers to simple questions affecting Americans. But she is also seriously negating all the efforts and energy that a tired McCain has put into the campaign so far.

The biggest problem in America right now is how to restore the economy and eradicate the fears and anxieties in the minds of the people on the main streets. But Mrs. Palin is busy dragging us several years back. McCain and the other political enemies of Obama got tired of calling him (Obama) a terrorist or a friend of Mr. Ayers. We heard this allegation several months ago and the issue had been discussed inside out. Where was Palin all of those times? Ironically she was in Alaska routing for Obama!

Another big issue in America is how to end the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. These are issues that Palin should be tackling Obama on. She should also involve herself with domestic issues centred on the family, taxes, education, crime and other relevant issues affecting the US.

Mrs. Palin also wanted Americans to be discussing Obama’s former pastor. This is a very stupid suggestion. Obama is an individual of his own and the pastor is another person. Obama is contesting to be the next president of the US and he has since dissociated himself from the pastor and his utterances. Can Mrs. Palin move on with life?

Indeed the past is important, no doubts! But when issues as stale as Ayers and J. Wright are what Palin can cling on to, then she is yet confirming her dullness and her complete lack of initiatives. According to a report on BBC, “Mr McCain had previously indicated that he did not want Rev Wright’s inflammatory sermons, which Mr Obama has repudiated, to form part of his campaign”.

This must be why Palin is being shielded from the press. She does not understand anything. So why did McCain opt for such a great liability in his quest for the topmost job in the world-the American presidency?

Right now Obama is leading in the opinion polls even in states that are considered Republicans. It seems therefore that the desperate and unnecessary attacks on the person of Obama are like “hanging on to the crooked straws of the past”. What a shame and what a way to go for the republicans.

The second debate is here and it might just be the passage that Obama needs as he “homestretches” to the white house come Nov 2008. Issues and policies please Mrs. Sarah Palin and back to school if that is what it takes!

8 thoughts on “Sarah Palin on wrong tracks

  1. Hello,

    I am sick and saddened at the way the Republican party under John Mccain and Palin are running their campaign. It has become clear that they cannot address the sensitive issues that affects the lives of americans in this saga of economic and poilitical instability in the country. What is wrong with yous!!!!.

    The American citizens deserve more than associating a person under false allegation to a man construed a terrorist or to some pastor whose credibility is ‘of limit’ in this election. Even where it is the case that Obama was there and heard his pastor make some ulterance what has that got to do with Obama. The pastor has his right to freedom of expression. I thought you guys are in the USA. The so called land of freedom….

    Obama must surely enjoy his own right and to have respect for the views of others. American needs to be told the resolve the parties have respecting its present economic predicaments not some views of a pastor…..


    • A Nigerian man asking what’s wrong with America?!?!?!? Take a look at your own country my friend and then comment on what’s wrong with the USA……. !


  2. The aforementioned comment was posted approximately four years ago and you have just woke up to see it. Ahaha!! welcome back to the real world. By the way, Obama has since won that election and seeking a second term..Ahahaha!!!! Sweet dreams when you next you decide to wake up from your slumber.


  3. Oh!! I wish that’s not what transpired otherwise those two(King and BanatundeO) would have placed themselves in a very subtle compromising and vulnerable status quo-they may just be destined for the ‘spiritual home of fire’ and of course, I will be in the land of the living praying for them…Ahahahaha!!!


  4. Gentlemen and ladies, gay and straight, black or white, King or BabatundeO,it’s four more years for Barrack Obama. This noble and distinguished African American remain in control of the ‘white house’ is splendid and exciting to know…CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT…I am so delighted, bring some drinks lets celebrate victory for progress, unity, freedom ,equality, peace and prosperity not just for Americans for the entire world..


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