The Killing of another Nigeria (in China)

Adeola Aderounmu.

These are worrying times not only for Nigerians but Africans as a whole. Racism is mounting now worldwide than any other time in human history. The problem now is that it is more of a mind game than physical manifestations. But the killings accompanying the escalated mind games in countries like Italy, Spain, Russia and now in China are indicators that racism is one of the greatest crimes in the world today.

It has not become an international norm to sentence a man to death in the absence of judicial proceedings still in these notorious countries where blacks are killed by security men or touts, nothing concretes are done by the respective governments.

Osamuyia was killed in Spain in the summer of 2007 and his body is still lying in the morgue in Spain. I can’t stop to imagine how very useless the government of Spain is. Extremely useless! It also amazes me the kind of zombies that called themselves leaders in Nigeria. I don’t see any reasonable government in the world abandoning her citizen in the mortuary of another country. It can only be Nigeria!

A Nigerian businessman has been reported killed in China recently. His death was described as brutal!
There has been a discussion on this at this forum on NAIRALAND.COM

This is a wake-up time for Africans and the black race worldwide. Something is going on and unless the black people unite among themselves they are now face with the threats of extinction and extermination. It is real and the earlier we take the bulls by the horns the better for our preservation and perpetuation globally.

We welcome people to our lands and our homes in Africa but we have been paid with negative coins on other continents. We must find out what is wrong and take urgent steps to address the anomaly.

If the world doesn’t listen to us, we MUST make them listen. Let’s put our houses in order and prepare safe havens for our children and children’s children. The ball is now in our court, let’s show how diligent we are!