By Adeola Aderounmu.

Wao! After a long day at work and many things to do after work, I sat down to read articles that have been posted on the Nigerian Village Square where I am one of the several authors.

This is the news that I stumbled on.

It is about how the British Airways and the British Police have maltreated Nigerians. It got so shameful that the British Police STOLE money from a Nigerian passenger and the British Airways have the audacity to ban him (for life) on all BA flights. (Nonsense!)

Is BA the only airline to Nigeria…?(nonsense).


They ruined the guy’s journey to Nigeria and the ruined the wedding he was going to attend. They stole his money in the name of confiscation.

The British Police should be ashame of themselves at this moment and the British Airways should brace up for a life long boycott of their services and flights from as many Nigerians as possible.


It is barely one year ago that Osamuyia was killed by the Spanish Police on a Notortious flight while being deported from Spain. Now, we are witnessing another fresh round of brutality towards Nigerians.

Please let the appropriate authority in the UK look into this abuse of power on the BA flight and the wrongful detention of Ayodeji Omotade. His money (property and luggage) should be returned to him without further delay…


  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been following this sad incident for a few days now.
    As rightly noted in your write-up: to the average European, American or outsider, the average Nigerian does not deserve respect or normal human treatment even when this in entrenched and guaranteed by the laws of the countries in question.
    In observation of the above, I would like to suggest that we follow-up and take serious collective efforts in addressing this issue in a very rational manner, by letting the world know what took place in a way that the world outside of Nigeria and Nigerians will comprehend the full impact of what really happened!
    We need to inform and enlighten the world of the following:
    *Were there some senior/elderly citizens amongst the passengers that were refused to travel on that flight? What were the provisions made for them and how were their plights attended to? Same for children and possibly, physically challenged individuals. Yes, by now we know that they do not give a hoot about the average Nigerian. We need to confront them with the plights of the above mentioned category of individuals. The fact that they happen to possess a piece of travel document issued by the Nigerian authorities, does not exonerate any airline from their professional and moral responsibilities in international laws and conventions in dealing with this category of individuals. Moreso, when you are operating in a sector that has as part of its core business as “SERVICES” to paying customers.


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