Just Like that..

Adeola Aderounmu.

I have not had time lately to make comments on things that are happening in Nigeria or Zimbabwe (for that matter). I have been dealing with personal matters that couldn’t wait.

I have not even written on the Village square lately, you can tell that I have been busy or disconnected from the real world.

In a previous post, I have expressed my views on Mugabe.

I wonder how the elections in Zimbabwe will turn out eventually but if I ever live to become 84, I want to be somewhere that I could take a permanent break from that thing that has ruined this planet-POLITICS.

I hope to return to my writing ways when I am settled…

For now, my personal life takes the front line of my activities.

If you like to read my blog, please bear with me. I’m on a kind of short break so to say.

See you on the net.



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