I don’t see any (nonsense) reason why Nigerians should continue to fly BA.

Let everyone look for other options / alternatives. It is only through this collective decision and action that we can send our message acrosss to the useless British Airways.

Imagine the audacity the crew members have to call in the Police to remove Nigerians on a flight because there was a protest against the forceful deportation of a Nigerian on the flight.

The last time we kept quiet, Osamuyia was killed by the Spanish Police. Now, they expected us to keep quiet again. Nonsense!

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  1. Finally the truth comes out. No more taking our money and not treating us like they do europeans et all. Boycott them now. They are arrogant, intolerant and absolutely 100% culturally insensitive


  2. Hi everyone,
    I have been following this sad incident for a few days now.
    As rightly noted in your write-up: to the average European, American or outsider, the average Nigerian does not deserve respect or normal human treatment even when this in entrenched and guaranteed by the laws of the countries in question.
    In observation of the above, I would like to suggest that we follow-up and take serious collective efforts in addressing this issue in a very rational manner, by letting the world know what took place in a way that the world outside of Nigeria and Nigerians will comprehend the full impact of what really happened!
    We need to inform and enlighten the world of the following:
    *Were there some senior/elderly citizens amongst the passengers that were refused to travel on that flight? What were the provisions made for them and how were their plights attended to? Same for children and possibly, physically challenged individuals. Yes, by now we know that they do not give a hoot about the average Nigerian. We need to confront them with the plights of the above mentioned category of individuals. The fact that they happen to possess a piece of travel document issued by the Nigerian authorities, does not exonerate any airline from their professional and moral responsibilities in international laws and conventions in dealing with this category of individuals. Moreso, when you are operating in a sector that has as part of its core business as “SERVICES” to paying customers.


  3. Where do the Nigerian authorities come in. We can fight BA all we want and complain till the cows come in, and if the see us as inferior (which they do) then we will achieve little.

    Its great to call for a boycott, but do you know that I have been trying to fly from any european country to Lagos on a specific date and not been able to get a seat, even in business class. I am forced to hold a seat on a flight 3 days later than I wish to travel, hoping that something will open up.

    What will Nigerians do in December when they are eager to get home and see their loved ones? This boycott will not work. This begs the question – why is British Airways so arrogant to a route that is so lucrative? Because they have no competition. They have the highest capacity rate like all other airlines that fly that route.

    Who is to blame for this? The Nigerian authorities. I am convinced that there has been some back door deals between these airlines and Nigerian authorities and that is why we still do not see enough options.

    Its crazy that we do not have enough flights on these routes to satisfy the passenger load. This artificial scarcity has been going on for so long, and I believe that the foreign airlines have bribed Nigerian officials into making the policies that creates this environment.

    We know British Airways is not the most ethical of airlines judging from their willingingness to fix prices on routes such as ours.

    We need to focus on the Nigerian authorities. Have EFCC investigate why we have this anomaly/gap between demand and supply on flights to/fro MMA/ABV.


  4. I am a criminal solicitor. Please email me if you need any assistamce with your ongong criminal matter (alleged affray on BA flight). Also I can give you contact details for a civil lawyer should you wish to pursue a claim for false imprisonment against the police. I commend you for ‘sticking your neck out’. I would have done exactly the same in your shoes and dread to think that I could have suffered the same fate.


  5. Yes, I believe that the only way to deal with this matter is to boycott Brutish Airways (and no, that was not a typo). However, my approach to this matter go even further and as a lawyer who has planned strategy in the past, I actually advocate additional action at my NIGERIAN CURIOSITY site.

    Nigerians MUST create a long term plan on how to address this recent incident as it is simply one of many. A more complex plan by like minded Nigerians will hit Brutish Airways where it hurts most – the pocket. We all know that no airline can afford to lose market share to any other airline. Especially not in the current market and not in Brutish Airways most lucrative line (London to Lagos).

    Anyway, nice post, as usual.


  6. somehow, i doubt if the same treatment would have been meted out to british or even american cirizens in the same circumstances. There’s strength in numbers and its time to make our numbers count. like it or not, BA needs us more than we need them; so lets stop acting like we depend on them and explore other options. The argument is likely to arise that knowing nigerians, this botcott wont work but it has to start somewhere. so lets start here; with you and i, our families, neighbours, colleagues; who in turn will spread the word and before you know it- bingo! Remember each new person you convince is one less customer for BA and one potential activist


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