Good Night, Patricia Etteh

By Adeola Aderounmu.

There is absolutely no reason to cry for being deposed as the Speaker of the House of assembly. Life itself is a passage while power is transient. Nothing last forever! Nothing!

To have dragged on for this long was unnecessary in the first place. Nigeria lost a medical doctor in the ugly scenarios that accompanied the tug of war in the dishonorable house. The death of Aminu Safana was a sacrifice too big for the process that requires only a simple removal of an erring officer. There are serious lessons to be learnt.  

A word to Segun Adeniyi and Yar Adua: please can you guys shut up and stop embarrassing Nigerians further with you press releases. How on earth can you describe the resignation of Patricia Etteh as voluntary? 

The process that led to the exit of Patricia was tumultuous and it claimed a life. She was forced to resign, the other dead end option was to be impeached. Yet Yar Adua through Segun Adeniyi can still tell us to our face that such a resignation was voluntary. Are you guys alright? Nonsense!   

Goodnight Patricia Olubunmi Etteh, think about your errors and learn from them. Think about what you can do to make Nigeria a better place. SOMETIMES, the best efforts are made from ordinary positions. Being in the spotlight is not a prerequisite for performance. 

This experience should shape the rest of your life which I expect you to dedicate positively to humanity.  

AND TO Nigerians, let’s add this event to one of the corners of our turning points…I see it coming. It’s our GLORY


By the way Patricia, maybe you will be prosecuted, who knows. I hope 628 million can fetch you the best liars in town.

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