Nigeria cannot raise N5 million Naira?

By Adeola Aderounmu.

I stumbled on this piece of news 630am this thursday morning in the Nigerian Guardian:


Amputee Eagles seek funds for World Cup.

By Olalekan Okusan

THERE are indications that Nigerian amputee soccer team may miss the Amputee Soccer World Cup holding in Turkey as the N5 million needed to prosecute the trip is yet to be raised.

Efforts by the Amputee Football Association of Nigeria to source for funds are yet to yield results.

For 18-year-old Augustine Ugwu, a striker with the team, featuring at the global championship would ignite his hope of better future.

But Ugwu is worried that the fund needed by the team is yet to be raised despite efforts by the association to source for funds from corporate bodies.

President of the association, Prince FeyisetanAre told The Guardian on Monday that he was optimistic that Lagos State governor, Babatunde Fashola would come to the aid of the team as they have written to his office.

“We have written to corporate bodies like Globacom, MTN, Oceanic Bank and the Ogun State governor including our sports loving governor of Lagos, Barrister Fashola to assist the team to ensure that Nigeria’s flag is hoisted at the championship.

“The organisers have assured us that the feeding, accommodation and other things will be catered for while the N5 million is meant for the ticket, kits and allowances of the team to the championship,” said Are.

It would be recalled that the team had to travel six days by road to be part of the first African Amputee Soccer competition in Sierra Leone. Though the team arrived late for the competition and their performance against host, Sierra Leone and champion, Ghana was able to convince the organisers to be listed among the teams that will feature at the tourney in Turkey.

The team is planning to depart on November 6 for the competition starting on November 11 to 21 in Antalya, Turkey.

Brazil and Russia have won the championship more than any nation, while Brazil, who are the defending champions will be aiming to defend the title it won at home in 2005.

Other countries taking part in the competition include England, France, Ghana, Iran, Liberia, Moldova, Russia, Sierra Leone, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Amputee soccer was invented by Don Bennett of  Seattle in Washington, United States (U,S,), while the first international amputee soccer championship was held in 1984.


Adeola says: this is a country where some idiots stole more than 10 billion US dollars each as politicians. This is the same country where a house will be renovated for 628 million dollars.

Yet, we are being told that getting 5 million naira to allow our Eagles play in a football tournament is a big problem so much that newspapers have to write about it on their front pages online.

Please can someone send a message to the IDOKO panel that they should just take 10 million out of the 628 million and give to these sportsmen. Our sportsmen and women have brought us fame around the world and they are more honourable than the useless politicians who continue to ridicule the name of Nigeria.


2 thoughts on “Nigeria cannot raise N5 million Naira?

  1. Hello,

    I think you even too far ahead of the curve here – I am outraged that we are just learning they need these funds when they have to be out on the 6th of November and then play from the 11th.

    Evidently, they have have been praying things would turn out right rather than really ensuring that things were OK at least 2 months before the competition, at which point an SOS should have been sounded.

    The people would now go to the competition utterly stressed out and drained because of the nervous moments they have had – it would be a feat of human resilience if they perform and win.

    Why can we not plan ahead a bit better so that we can do things a bit more relaxed? Even if I had NGN 5 million, it would definitely not go into this project.

    I hate brinkmanship, I hate 11th hour salvation sponsorship on matters like this and like one revered Nigerian used to say – “They who fail to plan, plan to fail”

    Sports always has good publicity value, but I doubt the letters to the companies highlighted that value, like company logos on their kit, corporate entertainment at the games, and other high profile exposure for the companies on this matter.

    We just have crass ignorance and stupid administrators in sports, it is amazing that we win World Cups against all the odds more because of the determination of the kids than the planning of those fat-arsed buffoons who would probably be looking for a way to fiddle the funding to end up with some monetary gain.

    I met with a few of that lot at the FIFA World Cup in 1998 in France.

    Boy! I am utterly outraged to read this, but it represents to much about Nigeria in these areas.

    I’ll stop here.


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