Osamuyia Aikpitanhi: Latest from Stockholm-Sweden

Adeola Aderounmu.

Today, I have filed an application for a permit to demonstrate with the Swedish Police. I don’t know when the permit will arrive or when I will be called to pick it up.

We cannot demonstrate or protest here on friday as it is midsummer holiday and everything is closed. 

What I have planned is to tender the famous protest letter at the Spanish embassy in Stockholm.

I am not sure how many Nigerians will leave their jobs on the decided date next week. But I will do all I can to mobilise as many people as possible.

For now, I’ll keep the information flowing by sms and calls as I await the Police Permit to allow us to gather. I should get it anyway, it was paid for! 

It was just today that I learn that another Nigerian named Obiorah was murdered by the Police in Norway recently.

If we don’t stand up to protest now, I think many more of us will die meaninglessly in the Diaspora.

May the Glory of Nigeria come, soon!


3 thoughts on “Osamuyia Aikpitanhi: Latest from Stockholm-Sweden

  1. Hello,

    Whilst protesting to the Spanish Embassy is commendable, I think the protest should really go the Nigerian Embassy.

    We have a representation deficit such that things happen to Nigerians abroad and our government and ambassadors are oblivious of what to do.

    The Spanish can simply rationalise by saying if the Nigerian Government would not speak up for their people they can do anything to Nigerians with impunity, more so, who are these people who have no voice causing a commotion outside our building?

    Get the police, we are under a terrorist attack.


  2. Nice one Akin!

    But with a police report which I anticipate to get, the spanish embassy will not dare.

    In me, they do not have an illegal immigrant. We will make our protest as peaceful as possible.

    You are the second person in 10 minutes that will be asking me to go through the Nigerian embassy. Should the embassy not be wary of its functions?


  3. Oh no, you read me wrong – I was not saying you should go through the Nigerian embassy, rather the Nigeria embassy and the Foreign Minister (if we have one) should be at the brunt of any protest for not creating an almighty diplomatic fuss about how that poor man was abused, dehumanised and murdered.


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