Nigeria should apologize to Victor Moses and others

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria, especially the sharia states in northern Nigeria, is quite unsafe. There are many unsafe places in the world, like USA and South Africa as common examples. However the reaction of government and authorities to insecurity is very important.

In one of the several murders committed in Northern Nigeria and other places under the disguise of religious riots or religious intolerance, Victor’s parents were murdered. The story has circulated on the internet and many Nigerians have posted it on their facebook pages.

The useless Nigerian government has not thought that it should apologize to Moses. The young man was very influential in the recent victory of Nigeria in South Africa.

The government does not feel sorry at all for all its failings since 1960. Instead the government is looking forward to more failures and disasters.

The insecurity around the country is still on the rise and it appears that Northern Nigeria is under the control of extremists and terrorists of Nigeria, Sudan and Mali.

Victor Moses’ sense of nationalism is exemplary. He appears to be the most patriotic Nigeria ever. Many people will disown Nigeria even under less severe circumstances. His parents were murdered when he was a teenager and after living in England following the disaster he abandoned England and represented Nigeria.

When I look at his plights and his spirit of forgiveness, I could only ask for something like a consuming fire to raze all those who have
destroyed Nigeria and contributed directly and indirectly to the death of his parents.

Mikel n Moses

(Mikel Obi and Victor Moses representing Nigeria)

Moses Victor, may you live long..!

One thought on “Nigeria should apologize to Victor Moses and others

  1. Being perfectly frank, if I was him I would not have bothered with Nigeria. It was Britain that nurtured his talent and provided shelter to him and is allowing him to thrive. What did Nigeria do for him, other than allow circumstances where his parents and countless others have been slaughtered and maimed unnecessarily? The pittance they gave him for his part in winning the nations cup is nothing compared to he makes in a year from Chelsea, is insignificant.

    Nigeria is a land where human life counts for nothing! Victor Moses is a very generous human-being to even consider playing for a country like Nigeria. I’m not even talking about the unprofessional manner in which football in Nigeria is run. Yet Mr Moses overlooked all that, for whatever reason, good on him (as the Australians say).


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