Jose Mourinho’s Second Chelsea Sack

By Adeola Aderounmu

Mikel, Mourinho and Fabregas

Mikel, Mourinho and Fabregas

Jose Mourinho is a good manager. The results put him as probably the best manager to date in the history of football.

Many say he did it all with great clubs, but l doubt that. Porto was not a top club when Mourinho started to make his waves with them.

Fast forward 2015 Mourinho made one of the biggest mistakes any worker could make. He complained too much about his tools.

The team doctor Eva Carneiro had nothing to do with the 2-2 draw with Swansea at the beginning of the season. His outburst and reactions were over the top.

How that spilled into the players’ head and mentality is another story.

Chelsea players have not played for Mourinho this season. They are the ones who earned the bad results, not Mourinho. A coach cannot go to the pitch to play the game and he has limited options until the transfer season is re-opened in January or during the summer.

The sacking of Mourinho is one of the biggest players revolt in history.

But it was coming and to not see it is to pretend that failure is success.

He would have learnt some of the hardest lessons of his career with the bunch of arrogant, tired legs at Stamford bridge.

He must learn to be more diplomatic and never to call the name of his players during a match preview or review. Don’t blame your players in the open. Talk to them individually and collectively when necessary.

Mourinho made his errors but the poor results and the performances of the players went over the limits. Many of them paying tributes to Mourinho on social media are actually supposed to be covering their faces in shame. I won’t name them. Mourinho will do so in his many books which l am sure will be bestsellers.

I wish Mourinho success in the future and l hope the lessons are learnt.


Nigeria should apologize to Victor Moses and others

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria, especially the sharia states in northern Nigeria, is quite unsafe. There are many unsafe places in the world, like USA and South Africa as common examples. However the reaction of government and authorities to insecurity is very important.

In one of the several murders committed in Northern Nigeria and other places under the disguise of religious riots or religious intolerance, Victor’s parents were murdered. The story has circulated on the internet and many Nigerians have posted it on their facebook pages.

The useless Nigerian government has not thought that it should apologize to Moses. The young man was very influential in the recent victory of Nigeria in South Africa.

The government does not feel sorry at all for all its failings since 1960. Instead the government is looking forward to more failures and disasters.

The insecurity around the country is still on the rise and it appears that Northern Nigeria is under the control of extremists and terrorists of Nigeria, Sudan and Mali.

Victor Moses’ sense of nationalism is exemplary. He appears to be the most patriotic Nigeria ever. Many people will disown Nigeria even under less severe circumstances. His parents were murdered when he was a teenager and after living in England following the disaster he abandoned England and represented Nigeria.

When I look at his plights and his spirit of forgiveness, I could only ask for something like a consuming fire to raze all those who have
destroyed Nigeria and contributed directly and indirectly to the death of his parents.

Mikel n Moses

(Mikel Obi and Victor Moses representing Nigeria)

Moses Victor, may you live long..!



BY Adeola Aderounmu

Chelsea FC is crowned as the champion of Europe after beating Bayern Munich in Germany.

It was a coincidence that the venue of this year’s final landed at the Allianz Arena in Munchen.

Didier Drogba became a legend on the 19th of May 2012. He scored the equalizer in the 88th minute after Muller had sent the Germans jubilating in the 82nd minute. Drogba’s header was powerful. It was a stunner.

Then Drogbra went on to take the last penalty kick which won Chelsea the match and sent fans across the world into ecstatic celebration.

Chelsea’s dream of glory came true after 9 years of intensive search by owner Abrahamovic.

Chelsea could have won the cup in the past but bad officiating robbed them of a deserved victory against Barcelona under Mouriho. Then John Terry missed a final kick (was in 2008 or 2009) that would have won Chelsea the cup. Manchester United stole that victory.

Under the most unprobable conditions Di Matteo stepped in and won the Champions league cup with Chelsea.



This victory is well deserved. Chelsea defended in many games as they struggle to find the best pattern under Di Matteo. But they were very precise in their attack and Drogba especially had gone the extra mile converting half chances and rare opportunities. It paid off last night at Allianz Arena.

Plus the winning of the FA cup, Chelsea have re-written the history of their club and football.

I send my congratulations to Chelsea as a team. They showed the power of determination and perseverance.

I send my congratulations to Nigeria and Chelsea midfielder Mikel Obi. His name is now written in gold (just as Jose Mouriho said a few years ago that he found gold when he found Mikel).

The best congratulation goes out to Didier Drogba the best and sharpest attacker in the world. At 34 this is a rare feat.

To Chelsea fans around the World enjoy the best of 365 days of Glory.