Nigeria should apologize to Victor Moses and others

By Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria, especially the sharia states in northern Nigeria, is quite unsafe. There are many unsafe places in the world, like USA and South Africa as common examples. However the reaction of government and authorities to insecurity is very important.

In one of the several murders committed in Northern Nigeria and other places under the disguise of religious riots or religious intolerance, Victor’s parents were murdered. The story has circulated on the internet and many Nigerians have posted it on their facebook pages.

The useless Nigerian government has not thought that it should apologize to Moses. The young man was very influential in the recent victory of Nigeria in South Africa.

The government does not feel sorry at all for all its failings since 1960. Instead the government is looking forward to more failures and disasters.

The insecurity around the country is still on the rise and it appears that Northern Nigeria is under the control of extremists and terrorists of Nigeria, Sudan and Mali.

Victor Moses’ sense of nationalism is exemplary. He appears to be the most patriotic Nigeria ever. Many people will disown Nigeria even under less severe circumstances. His parents were murdered when he was a teenager and after living in England following the disaster he abandoned England and represented Nigeria.

When I look at his plights and his spirit of forgiveness, I could only ask for something like a consuming fire to raze all those who have
destroyed Nigeria and contributed directly and indirectly to the death of his parents.

Mikel n Moses

(Mikel Obi and Victor Moses representing Nigeria)

Moses Victor, may you live long..!

Nigeria Wins AFCON 2013 in South Africa

Adeola Aderounmu

Nigeria defeated Burkina Faso by a lone goal scored in the 40th minute of the match played on the 10th of February.

Sunday Mba scored on sunday to write his name in the history book.

Nigeria won the tournament before in 1980 and 1994.

Stephen Okechukwu Keshi becomes the second man ever to win the trophy as a player and a coach.

Congratulations to the Super Eagles of Nigeria

Ivory Coast Crashes Out of Nations Cup 2013

Adeola Aderounmu

Less fancied Super Eagles of Nigeria have sent the Ivorians packing of the 2013 African Cup of Nations.

The Ivorians are favoured to win the tournament and they were probably looking for a ride over the Super Eagles of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s coach Keshi had a plan and it worked.

His side played as calmly as possible and they played very much better than the Ivorians.

Emenike and Mba scored on both sides of the halves while Tiote headed in 1-1 just after the interval.

The Toures, Didier Drogba, Zamora and the boastful Eboue can now end their international career without any glory. This generation of players has been wrongfully tagged the golden generation even when they have not won any major trophy.

Zambia Crashes Out of NATIONS Cup, 2013

Adeola Aderounmu

Zambian’s coach Herve Renard should learn a lesson: pride goes before fall.

Thanks to the useless Egyptian referee they got a 1-1 draw against Nigeria. But Nigeria has not been superb in this tournament.

Zambian drew all their 3 games making them one of the weakest footballing nation in Africa this year, 2013.

Indeed they won the championship in 2011 but you can tell that their performance has been a taint on African football.

What I have seen this year is less fancy to what I saw even in 1994 and 1996.

It seems that African football is on a decline.

Africans need to look into their game and find out how to improve their games and style generally.

The games have been rough and the pitches have been terrible. The balls are bouncing all the time and it is difficult to see the formations.

Teams like Zambia that won 2 years ago and played so badly this year should go back to the round table and find the way forward.

Nigeria with her all stars and glorious past can do much better than what she has done this year.

In general, one would look forward to a better future for African football. One expects something better than what we are seeing now.

Nigeria’s Super Eagles: In Search of Glory

By Adeola Aderounmu

The Super Eagles are looking for glory. How far will they get at the Nation’s Cup in South Africa? The team left a big question mark on his ability to win the glory it seeks.

With 2 seconds to the end of the game, Nigeria conceded a goal to the Burkinabes. The time was 93 minutes and 58 seconds when the ball rested in the net behind Vincent Enyeama.

When it was about 30 seconds left, Nigeria won possession and launched an attacked. That is good for football to try to score even when you are one man down and in the dying minutes. But since the recovery rate was slow and the defense line a little bit complacent, Nigeria paid dearly for the mis-adventure. It was 1-1 with the last kick of the game.

If the Super Eagles miss glory at this tournament, Keshi should be ready for all the criticisms that will come his way. It sound unfair but that is the way the stories go.

First he had said that African coaches are better and one hopes that a team with an African coach wins this tournament. One way to do that is to first beat Zambia on Friday.

Second, history shows that a team that leaves his best players out of tournaments don’t usually go far. For footballing reasons there are none to show why Osaze Peter Odemwingwe should not be in South Africa. He is arguably Nigeria’s best striker and a very committed player for that matter.

For personal reasons, I mean because of personal differences Keshi left Osaze out of the team and the player was almost crying on the social networks to drive home his own points.

One hopes that Uche stops firing the balls into the crowds and into the net when Nigeria meets Zambia and then Ethiopia.

Experiences are gathered through participation, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to the tournament with more than 15 new players in the national team.

Football is the hope of Nigeria, a country under siege from militants, kidnappers, very bad government and terrorists. This game provides, always, a temporary reprieve from the sorrows that plagued the biggest black nation on earth.

For some short periods Nigerians usually lay their differences aside to support the National teams at different competitions.

Sports glory helps to unite Nigeria albeit for a while.

Unfortunately the dismal performances of the teams and the non-qualification for the 2011 Edition are a continuous reminder of everything wrong with Nigeria. From a personal point of view, my hopes in Nigeria as a country are totally gone!

I think following the game is as a result of the sentiments left in me, not emotions. I don’t really care who wins in SA.

When I think of the disconnection between the corrupt government and the Nigerian masses, no amount of football glory can becloud my judgment of how sad the situation is back in Nigeria.

However I will leave that aside and wish Nigerians all the joy they can get from this tournament while it lasts.
Nigeria meets a boastful Zambia team on Friday in what will be a likely decider for which of the two teams that may go home early in the tournament.

I wish Stephen Keshi all the best in his endeavours and for the Nigerian lads-especially the home based players-sweating it out as their government officials continue to loot the treasury I hope they find fame and glory even after the tournamen.

I think no matter what happens many of them will be grateful to Keshi, for the exposure and for the hopes of brighter footballing careers.