By Adeola Aderounmu

Remarkable and terrible things are happening in Nigeria. June 3 2012 and we have a suicide bomber in Bauchi killing more than 15 other people at a church service.

The news is yet to settle down when we heard that a plane had crashed in Lagos. The plane was flying to Lagos from Abuja. More than 153 are dead. The plane belongs to one DANA AIR FLIGHT.

CNN reports that 3 houses are affected which means that the death toll will be higher than 153 when the dusts settles and the fire off.

Obviously the government of Jonathan is a disaster. This is a government that we all know now should never have happened. The helplessness and ineptitude of Jonathan’s government is incomprehensible.

Security situation in Nigeria is at a record low and anyone can be murdered or kidnapped at any time in Northern Nigeria. It is no longer a hidden fact that Northern Nigeria is out of control of the Jonathan government. It’s a dead zone and people who live there are doing so at their own risk.

One hopes that adequate and reportable investigation will reveal the cause of the plane crash so that lessons can be learnt and future disasters averted. What we are not expecting to hear is that the plane is over 30 or 40 years old because there have been accidents in the past caused by usage of old and aged aircrafts.

If the accident was caused by preventable causes, then those who are responsible should be held liable and accountable. If it means that the Minister of Aviation should be fired, so be it.

Emergency responses in Nigeria are bad. People were actually begging other people on facebook to make contact with NEMA. Really?

Well, there are several aspects of the Nigerian life that needs reviewing and the events of June 3 2012 reminds us of the need to end this useless regime and find new ways to move the various regions of Nigeria forward.

Delay is dangerous and 2015 is too far for comfort. Change is Now!