Why Nigeria is the most corrupt country in the world

By Adeola Aderounmu

If I had any doubts before, it’s all gone now. It doesn’t matter that I have stated this fact before-that Nigeria is (probably) the most corrupt country in the world.

I don’t care what the Transparency International rating of Nigeria says. I am too convinced in my heart and soul that Nigeria is the MOST CORRUPT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

In that country Nigeria, many known thieves (popularly called politicians) are parading the landscape free. What is agonizing about the Nigerian situation is that the thieves, criminals and looters are known. They are popular among Nigerians. It is not as if money went missing and they are trying to trace the money. The point is Nigerians know who has stolen the money but they do nothing to bring about any form of justifiable prosecution.

There are uncountable number of probes in Nigeria that are under the carpets. There are uncountable number of government agencies and committees doing ABSOLUTELY nothing but stealing and looting.

This is the greatest tragedy of the Nigerian society-that it is profitable and honorary to be a thief. In fact if a Nigerian politician is not a thief, he is regarded as a fool by his family and friends. I know people who are preparing for the 2015 elections because they want to reap from the Nigerian treasury, not because they really want to serve. Who serves in Nigeria?

Farouk Lawan will get away with the criminal charges around his neck. He will not be the first and he is not going to be the last unless a revolution happens in Nigeria tonight.

Mrs. Goodluck Jonathan got away with her loots. She and her husband have been siphoning Nigeria’s money long before the days of Aso Rock. Ask Mr. Jonathan what has happened to Nigeria’s external reserves since he assumed the position of the chief looter of Nigeria. The answers you get may turn you insane.

Obasanjo and the police funds, Nigerians have forgotten and forgiven. Babangida and 12 billion dollars, Nigerians have forgotten and forgiven. All the revelations made about how Atiku and Obasanjo wasted Nigeria’s money, all in vain.

You can count from now to eternity how Nigerian thieves (popular called Nigerian politicians) have stolen monies that Nigerians know about. But Nigerians do nothing to fight back or send these popular thieves to jail.

In Nigeria it is business as usual.

But they want us to write about the good things from Nigeria. Well, let those who have the feelings for that do so.

I don’t.

I see a country I left behind populated by some of the poorest people in the world. Nigeria is more than upside down. Tropical gangsterism is the norm. People do as they want and how they like and get away with political murders, theft in government offices across the country.

With Boko Haram and uncountable types of accidents life is very meaningless in Nigeria. Insecurity was redefined under the corrupt government of Goodluck Jonathan.

I don’t understand why thieves (popularly called politicians) cannot be apprehended, prosecuted and serve punishments. Oh, I do know. The Nigerian judiciary is so corrupt and morally blind you could almost want to scrap the Nigerian Law school and law faculties across the country.

There are many reasons why Nigerian Universities are not rated or seriously given a punch when rated. What are the roles of the products of the tertiary institutions when Nigeria is ruled by criminals in Aso rock and overlooked by the judiciary? The police are worse than legless animals. The political system in Nigeria makes a complete mess and mockery of the other (parasitic) institutions.

The police cannot arrest politicians because the politicians feed them. Nigeria is not a normal country. The judiciary cannot do a thing because it survives on bribes and kickbacks.

Our indigenous manufacturing industries are dead. Unemployment is all time high and it is almost hopeless to be a graduate without a line of connection that will open up job opportunities.

It is hard to create your own job or business since the government does not think it is its duty to provide electricity. The government of Jonathan is full of fools. Otherwise they should know that it is wrong to increase the cost of what is not yet available.

On June the 1st 2012 the cost of electricity was increased despite the fact that Nigeria has no electricity. It is now morally wrong to call what is produced in Nigeria electricity. It is not electricity or power supply because almost all Nigerian families have generators or power plants.

The environment is seriously polluted and combined with the almost useless public health facilities; life expectancy in Nigeria is hardly 40 years!

So, you see why corruption in Nigeria is the worst in the world. The implication of corruption in Nigeria is one of the greatest tragedies in the world since 1978-the year I started primary 1 as a 6 year old.

There will be no justification for the scenario that allowed criminals to rule Nigeria. It cannot even be blamed on the fact that they grounded public education.

To what extent will the thieves (popular called Nigerian politicians) go before the poor, oppressed and resilient people of Nigeria fight back?

Jonathan who vowed and promised to serve (and loot) for one term is now scheming for a second term. Nigerian rulers definitely are not only idiots; they are the greatest deceivers the world has seen since Judas.

Waiting for 2015 is like waiting for an Obituary. Who knows? By that time Boko Haram may have taken Arewa Republic and possibly Abuja.

The aggregation of people in Nigeria should seek the independence of their regions and tackle corruption before or after that.

At some point the indigenous populations need to take control of their own lives and determine the lives they want to live and the legacies they want to pass to their unborn generations. Present day Nigeria is a monumental waste and tragedy!