Goodluck Jonathan: An irresponsible man I would say

Adeola Aderounmu

Northern Nigeria is burning. There is a kind of war going on in Northern Nigeria. Muslims are attacking Christians. Christians are attacking Muslims. Boko Haram is ensuring that the flame goes on.

Earlier this year Goodluck Jonathan promised that Boko Haram will be a time of the past in June. At that time Boko Haram promised that come June they will bomb Nigeria more than ever before.

I remembered that I wrote an article saying that whoever carries the day is the one ruling or running Nigeria.

Boko Haram have shown that they are more reliable and trustworthy than Goodluck Jonathan.

Last weekend Boko Haram set Kaduna ablaze and the result is that Christians went for a retaliation on Muslims and now the Muslims are back to kill.

But in the midst of this madness, and war so to say Goodluck Jonathan flew out of Nigeria.

He went to Brazil to attend a so called earth summit. To my understanding of the situation in Nigeria Jonathan attending this meeting is meaningless and senseless. Is Jonathan an irresponsible man? My answer is yes!

A Yoruba proverb says you cannot leave fire at the top of your roof and go to sleep. Goodluck Jonathan left the country altogether.

This is a time that Nigerians could run the country to a standstill and just tell Jonathan never to return to Nigeria. He can remain in exile for all the people care. Jonathan is the worst president Nigeria ever had.

I don’t understand why a man will leave a burning house and embark on a pilgrimage. This is the lowest form of intellectualism I have seen in my life.

People return from far to attend to disasters and problems at home. Jonathan is travelling away from problem and disasters. There is a need to examine this man’s mentality for real. This is not normal.