By Adeola Aderounmu

Everyone knew that Boko Haram the useless terrorist group from Northern Nigeria was going to kill Christians this easter and they did.

The warnings were clear and obvious to everyone except the lame Nigerian security service and the useless drunkard of a president, Mr Jonathan.

How can the signs be so clear and glaring yet the terrorists’ plans were executed?

One of my friends argued on Facebook that Boko Haram is succeeding because the Nigerian government knows the perpetrators and can’t do anything about them. They are parts of the Nigerian untouchables.

Some people argue that Jonathan and Sambo are Boko Harams’ members. What have I not heard about Boko Haram?
What is certain is that the Nigerian government is useless and stupid.Boko HARAM struck in Kaduna and Jos.

Jonathan said that Boko Haram will be stopped in June while one of the security chiefs said that Boko Haram is under control. Then they struck!

There are now reports that Boko Haram will bomb Nigeria massively in June 2012. That is the month that Jonathan said Boko Haram will be history.

We will see who is ruling Nigeria come June 2012, Jonathan or Boko Haram.

But whoever is the sponsor or the brain behind Boko Haram and the “rams” who are used as members are fools, idiots and cowards.

If they are bold enough, they should stop bombing churches and places where innocent people are doing their activities and worship. If Boko Haram is man enough, it should take its fight to ASO ROCK, that is the citadel of mismanagement, similar stupidity as Boko Haram and the headquarters of global corruption.

Stop killing innocent people whoever you are “Boko rams”. Take your fight to the government that you want to overthrow. Stupid idiots!