NIgeria’s President and the Church Gift. What a Shame?

By Adeola Aderounmu

It is only in Nigeria that a president will accept bribe or gift openly and remain the president.

One day I will be able to complete and publish my articles about the veil of God and Nigeria, Jesus wept still.

But the acceptance of church as a gift or bribe by Goodluck Jonathan is despicable, shameful, irritating and very annoying. It confirms as we know that Jonathan is nothing but a crook. Some have described him as a drunkard.

And Reuben Abati has again defended his master that is was ok to accept the gift/bribe because it has happened several times before in Nigeria.

Then I know that Nigeria is a lost course. That country is irredeemable when those who are supposed to be “intelligent” talk stupidly and foolishly.

These type of things happen all over the world, politicians accept bribe and kickbacks. They lie to the highest heaven. But again the difference remain that in Nigeria it doesn’t matter if you are busted or revealed. The more you steal in Nigeria, the more powerful and untouchable you become.

Jonathan is a bad ruler. I cannot call him a leader. He is a clear revelation of the stupidity of Nigerian politics where touts hold sway, more strikingly so since 1999.

Nigeria remains in an hopeless situation because nothing will happen as far as this case is concerned. The lawmakers are even bigger thieves than Jonathan. All these overpaid, lazy, dull politicians are a big mockery to Africa-the dark continent.

I don’t know what we are going to write to change Nigeria. But I know that it will not change unless some radical actions are undertaken by the less priviledged, the downtrodden, the poor, the helpless and the hopeless people living hopefully on less than 2 dollars/day or on nothing.

For Nigeria, the veil of God remains the greatest deceit on the people who are predominantly Christians and Muslims. For them, Jesus wept, still. For they know not, what they are doing.