The Days Gone By….Muamba, Barcelona FC et al

By Adeola Aderounmu
It’s been almost one month since I wrote my last blog/article. Time flies, things happen, every second for that matter.

I have tabs on several news/event and I even have newspaper cuttings that I’d saved. But now I decided not to look at the newspapers or to even think about the events of the last one month as it were.

I will just write what comes to my mind.


I remember Fabrice Muamba, his miraculous recovery from a failed heart during Bolton’s game versus Tottenham. Fabrice has made tremendous recovery and he will surely be out of the hospital soon.

The survival of Fabrice says a lot about the standard of hospitals in England. This incident brought out the best in the English health scheme and training.

My friends and I remember how Sam Oparaji died at the National Stadium in Lagos in 1989 while playing a tensed game against Angola.

One Nigerian player also died recently in Sudan. These sad occurrences may have been prevented if the health system in Nigeria and Sudan are in top form. But we will never know..! This is just the way some things are, inconclusive.


Yesterday I switch off then I changed the channel to Movie channel after the referee gave Barcelona its’ second penalty against AC Milan.

I cannot imagine watching such a useless game to the end. I don’t think the referee is normal. He needs a medical check up. But many people think that Barcelona is UEFA team.

It is possible. I remembered I didn’t watch the champions league for a whole season after Barcelona were favoured against Chelsea in one game where a Barcelona player had handled the ball and a penalty was not given.

Maybe it’s time to take another break from stupid games where the referees and possible UEFA are cheats. It’s hard to tell, really. And considering also the bettings and gambles behind the scene, then impossible is nothing!


It’s hard for me to not write about Nigeria. What is also hard is to live with the mentality of an average Nigerian that complaining about Nigeria isn’t worth it. Just try to make it and live with it. It’s a mixed feeling not having to live in Nigeria and then trying hard still to “see” if what I write can help change some situations.

Indeed sometimes what I write about gets through and some positive outcomes do take place from time to time.
Still it is even harder to hide from the reality that corruption and stupidity is the order of the day when it comes to Nigerian politics. The people I write about don’t read my blog and the people who read my blog thinks that it is just another ranting Nigerian.

It always seems that ranting Nigerians are looking for entrances to main stream “looting” Nigerian. And when they do, their lives change like Reuben Abati and Segun Adeniyi.

Sadly, and true 99% of the times-Nigerian public office holders are the same (looters and thieves).
But when the president is a crook-accepting bribe for everything and spending Nigeria’s money as if it is his father’s inheritance, what moral compass are we going to use to gauge the performance of the people and country.

When the senate president is a well-known junta and looter, any expectation of the eradication of poverty is like building a house on sand.

When all those who have stolen are our brothers and sisters and they are free to oppress us with the monies they stole, what legacy are we leaving to the generation after us?

Nigeria is rotten, inside out, from the top to the bottom. It remains an aggregation of familiar enemies fighting for the common resources and looting the proceeds without fear or hindrance.

Nigeria is lost! Boko Haram is an offspring of a lost course. Many more bastard associations will be revealed in the months ahead.

It’s not easy to face anyone in Naija and ask for a change. Almost everyone and everybody in infected with the corruption virus and the cut corner approaches.

School children have failed in national exams in what appears to be the last phase of the collapse of public schools. Nigeria jaga-jaga was an under-statement.

Yet, we remain proud..! It is good to remain nationalistic. But it is almost criminal to pretend that all is well, or that all is going to be well when all the indicators are otherwise.

In federal and state governments, sanity is lost and accountability is akin to shooting yourself in the foot if you ask for it.

I have been constantly reminded that those in governance have only one head. Therefore the time will come for others to be part of government and do their own looting.

Jagajaga, I repeat is an understatement. Everybody is doing anyhow and anything. Government is so far away that hope is like a death sentence.

In addition to the dead educational system, health, and other social infrastructure are like luxuries. Power supply is a forgone issue, it will never happen in Nigeria. Power generation is rubbish..!

Generators will be in Nigeria for several years to come.

All these things are sad and they remind us that even though we claim we are intelligence, the results are telling the opposite.

Intelligent people and intelligent countries have power supply all year round and transient interruptions are due to unpreventable or unexpected circumstances.


THE DAYS GONE by are the same globally. Nothing has changed. Social injustice is everywhere and political groups have created more problems that they have solved. World powers are silly, they fight stupid wars. On one side they fight terrorism, on the other side they install terrorist to lead. Sometimes I just conclude that man is a crazy animal that does not know what he wants.


BY Adeola Aderounmu

I have followed the Swedish teachers Union/Group asking for more money for the teachers. My conclusion is that people are just generally silly. We complain about teachers, we complain about students and we complain about education.

Yet we put more money into wars than we do into education. Sweden for example will readily assist the Saudi government to build a firearm plant than fight for teachers to receive the same salary as politicians.

Research has revealed that Sweden will suffer a massive shortage of teachers in less than 10 years from now. People are not ready to teach and the incentives are not there.

In a way, this is actually a global problem. Teachers are like Reverends in the olden days but now no one cares about teachers. People look down on them. I am a teacher and I know how this feels.

But we complain about education. Nonsense!

Why can’t teachers who build the nation get more money as salaries than politicians who ruin the nation?

To save the world, government must know that teachers have to be rewarded, and here on earth. The debates have been on for years, and each time teachers are given token or nothing at all. But the chickens are coming home to roost right under our noses.

Teachers all over the world must be rewarded and their statuses elevated. That is one of the ways to make the students respect their teachers and to make them listen and learn more.

Teachers should not be looked down to as poor church rats. This silly impression can be changed with good salaries and massive investment in education. Teachers should become one of the best paid jobs and should not remain one of the least paid.

Unless this happens, less and less applicants will turn up for teacher education and the future of our children will be at stake.