Nigeria: The Most Wasteful Government in the World

Adeola Aderounmu

In addition to the massive corruption of almost all Nigeria’s politicians and public office holders is the ever present cost of keeping all the over 500 parastatals that belong to the Federal Stupidly Wasteful Government of Nigeria.

Check this out. In Nigeria we have the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. We have the Minister of Police Affairs and we have the Inspector General of Police. This is one classical example of government madness.

As if that is not enough, we also have ICPC and EFCC.

In essence you have 5 conflicting, confusing and antagonistic Federal Offices running one matter-policing the Nation.

In countries where the government and people are normal they have the Police working under the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The others that have been created by Nigeria show inferior intelligence of the people who make policy and play politics in Nigeria. They are so foolish and unintelligent they don’t realize how stupendously ignorant they are.

But we know why more than 500 parastatals exist in Nigeria. Everything in Nigeria is done in the name of corruption. It does not matter how much we write or complain, it is the same cycle of idiocy and the same umblela of corruption since I’ve known Nigeria.

When will this duplication and corruption end?

One thought on “Nigeria: The Most Wasteful Government in the World

  1. Nigeria my great country should change for the better and bring in people to clean the mess which i am ready to do if given the chance may God bless nigeria some of these wastage should stop now and focus on crying issues of the people jobs security housing education and many more please support those leaders who arestepping up to the plate Allah has blessed us then use it for the good of the people not personal enrichment which you canot take with you fear your lord the way he should be feared


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