Nigeria’s Opportunistic Groups Abroad and a Disgrace to Common Sense

Adeola Aderounmu

I still don’t know why some Nigerians living abroad are extremely determined to continue to allow poverty to spread in Nigeria. Maybe they are happy sending as little as 5 pounds (as advertised by Western Union in UK) to their families in Nigeria.

There is one useless group called Goodluck-Sambo Reality 2011 that has now taken their stupid “food-to-mouth” campaign to Canada.

In fact I am waiting for a rejoinder from Pius Adesanmi on this one.

The other day a PDP group in Sweden appeared on NTA News. Pius might say I owe Nigerians a rejoinder on that as well. BUT times without number I have condemned these shameful parades of Nigerians abroad contributing to poverty and penury in Nigeria. They don’t get it, do they?

How much are these dudes getting for their quadro-ennial affiliation to “party” of the moment? Are they bitches or prostitutes or both?

In Canada the Goodluck-Sambo Reality Group comprising of just 240 members had the audacity to tell us that the return of Goodluck and Sambo to power is the surest way to stop corruption in Nigeria and to present Nigeria as a credible country in the international community.

They even said that Nigerians in USA have endorsed Jonathan-Sambo. Is that true? Have Nigerians in Canada and USA endorsed the most prodigal illegal government in the history of Nigeria?

Who are these idiots for goodness sake? How much? For how much do they sell their bodies and souls? Eh?

For the records, this government was borne of corruption, courtesy of Ibori, Obasanjo and Iwu. It continues to wallow in the umblela and delta of corruption. No government in Nigeria has been so corrupt and wasteful if you divide the money wasted or looted by the time of illegal reign.

If these people are lost in translation or transition, they should at least take time to read, learn and study the situation in Nigeria before 1999 and see why their campaign could cage Nigerians to everlasting slavery, penury and most extreme hopelessness. If they cannot see that, then they are too foolish to even engage the rest of us in open debate. PDP is the worst thing to have hit Nigeria post-independence.

If they are doing this great disservice because of money, I pity them because should the curse of 120m Nigerians fall upon them, they will not find peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. Even the simple prayer by one Nigerian the other day can cause enough havoc, the person had prayed that may the lives of PDP supporters be the way that PDP has ran Nigeria in the last 12-13 years. If these people campaigning for Jonathan-Sambo Reality 2011 can say Amen to that, let them comment on this post or answer AMEN now now!

It is the same stupid story from Europe. The various embassies have colluded with hungry Nigerians in diaspora to organize a music show. They have wasted money to parade stupidity and nonsense. My argument remains that all these monies that seep down to sycophants and praise singers can save souls in Nigeria.

But these fools don’t see that. Many Nigerians are opportunists. They always see these avenues as their own way of taking from the national cake. And these are parts of the reasons why Nigeria will not make success.

When will Nigerians start to realize that every 1 kobo misspent is the reason why 120m Nigerians are living hopelessly from hand to mouth and having no form or material or monetary support? When?

One group called themselves All Nigerian Group For Good Governance! What type of nonsense is this sef? I challenge all these mushroom associations in Nigeria and overseas to publish their manifestoes online and that in the year 2012, they should tell us what their activities and programs of activities are. Do they even have evidence of registration? Do they pay tax to their home country?

One year from now, all these useless associations would be in hibernation, waiting for another politician to flirt with at a future date. Ashewos!

This is one of the tragedies facing Nigeria-dishonest people capitalizing on prevailing circumstances to worsen the pitiful plights of the common masses through their misdemeanors.

Indeed let’s pray that all those who support PDP or any form of corrupt government for that matter by actions, speech, attitude and association should have their lives just the way that PDP has treated Nigeria in the last 12 years! AMEN!

Nigeria: The Most Wasteful Government in the World

Adeola Aderounmu

In addition to the massive corruption of almost all Nigeria’s politicians and public office holders is the ever present cost of keeping all the over 500 parastatals that belong to the Federal Stupidly Wasteful Government of Nigeria.

Check this out. In Nigeria we have the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. We have the Minister of Police Affairs and we have the Inspector General of Police. This is one classical example of government madness.

As if that is not enough, we also have ICPC and EFCC.

In essence you have 5 conflicting, confusing and antagonistic Federal Offices running one matter-policing the Nation.

In countries where the government and people are normal they have the Police working under the Internal Affairs Ministry.

The others that have been created by Nigeria show inferior intelligence of the people who make policy and play politics in Nigeria. They are so foolish and unintelligent they don’t realize how stupendously ignorant they are.

But we know why more than 500 parastatals exist in Nigeria. Everything in Nigeria is done in the name of corruption. It does not matter how much we write or complain, it is the same cycle of idiocy and the same umblela of corruption since I’ve known Nigeria.

When will this duplication and corruption end?