The Collective Mumuism of West African/ ECOWAS Rulers

Adeola Aderounmu

ECOWAS rulers concluded their meeting in Abuja and through Mr. Goodluck Jonathan they ordered Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast to concede power to Quattara.

My problem with this proclamation is that it was made by a man who was never elected to rule or lead his own country.
Ninety-nine percent of the time when I listen to African rulers, they leave me in shock. I’m like, are these guys sick or crazy or just totally foolish?

In 2007, Dictator General Obasanjo and Liar Maurice Iwu rigged Nigeria’s election while a convicted criminal named James Ibori provided the millions of dollars that was used to bribe the Nigerian judges to tilt the electoral dispute in favour of Late Yar’Adua.

It is this illegal mandate that Mr. Jonathan inherited.

My questions are:

How stupid are West African rulers?

Is Nigeria so strong and powerful that illegality in Nigeria can be overlooked by other West African/ African countries?
Are the other West African rulers also illegal rulers? Ghana nko?

If not, why do they think Jonathan who inherited a stolen mandate is the right person to lead ECOWAS now and in the years ahead?

How does it feel for Jonathan, knowing fully well that he became a ruler through the back door, to announce that Gbagbo should take his exit in Ivory Coast?

West African rulers and indeed African rulers must stop playing the clowns of the world. They should look at one another in the eyes and see how they spread shame and stupidity across the continent and around the world.

Elections are ahead in Nigeria, in April 2011. Mr. Jonathan will get a chance to ascend to the number position in Nigeria through elections.

Some of us will be watching again to see how the events play out. Since 1999 Nigeria has been ruled by civilians who rigged elections and perpetrated violence to intimidate the opposition.

Today as I write people have been killed and lives and property have been destroyed in Oyo State and Akwa Ibom in Nigeria. In a number of places in Nigeria there are volatile situations that could easily trigger violence and massive destructions.

The situation is not different in many places in West Africa. These abnormalities and the selfish attitudes of political figures in this sub region are parts of the reasons for the stalemate in Ivory Coast. The matter is made worse by the interference of the so called useless International community.

Without dragging into unnecessary issues, I think ECOWAS members who met in Abuja should be ashamed of their collective mumuism and shallow mindedness.

It will be hard to know why an illegal occupier like Jonathan is being asked to serve a quit notice to a contender like Gbagbo.

I need help to get over the shock of the low mentalities of these regional robots.