I Agree That Only Fools and Idiots Will Vote for PDP

Adeola Aderounmu

For the past 12 years, this party called PDP has ruined Nigeria.

Lately, Jonathan has emptied the national treasury and external reserves by making himself comfortable on a number of presidential jets and funding the most wasteful presidential campaign in the history of Nigeria.

Let us not forget that it is these same prodigal children who spent 20 billion naira in one day celebrating 50 years of monumental failures.

Jonathan, Sambo and their wives have just concluded the most wasteful campaign in the history of African dirty politics.

They spent as they like because they didn’t have to work for the money and they lack human compassion and sensitivity to the plights of the common people. More than 90m Nigerians are living hopelessly, almost not having anything from hand to mouth.

The money spent by this gang so far this season could have been used to provide jobs for more than more than 1 million Nigerians who remain jobless, hopeless and shamefully pauperized. There is no way to put value and effects on the amount of monies that have been stolen, looted and wasted since 1999.

Some Nigerians have been deceived into this company of looters. It saddens me to see Nigerian women across Nigeria rallying around Mrs. Jonathan for temporary moments of ecstasy. It is the same for Mr. Jonathan. These people use Nigeria’s money to deceive gullible and thoughtless Nigerians into believing in falsehood. Millions of Nigerians have short memories and myopic opinions about politics. And they have no one to tell them about their shame. They lack both sense of history and direction.

Those who rally round PDP are obviously beneficiaries of the senseless government and senseless looting that have been in progress since 1999 and before.

This does not mean that I have an endorsement for any political party in Nigeria either.

I hate Nigerian politics and Nigerian politicians. I think 99.9% of the politicians should be rotting in jail across Nigeria-starting from the presidency to the local government levels. The PDP is just the worse because for 12-13 years all they have done after rigging their way into power since 1999 is talk and promise. Nigerians still rank among the poorest people on earth. The other parties have not even told us how they can bring about reforms in Nigeria both in the electoral process and how we govern ourselves.

I can’t quantify my dislike for the thieves in the house of assembly and House of Representatives. How many times do we have to remind those robbers that taking 25% of Nigeria’s money amount to massive looting of the highest order?

In a country of 150m people those crooks do not even deserve 1% of the country’s wealth. It’s simple mathematics! If they have something in their cerebral hemispheres they would realize that they are stupid!

I am shocked that Nigerians have not stormed that useless assembly to chase these thieves away to their villages or direct to exile. I am shocked that several weeks and months after the revelation, they have not refunded the money that they have stolen since 1999 or 2003 or 2007.

And it is so because there is a Nigerian mentality that everyone in politics must steal or eat something. What a tragedy!

This country may never make it.

Only fools and idiots will vote for PDP. I have no confidence in these April Elections. I am too convinced that the death tolls from Ibadan and Akwa Ibom are child’s play based on my previous predictions that people will die like chickens. I will not forget that I have stated that Nigerians don’t need these elections. We have no structures and there are no institutions to back up the process leading to the nonsense elections.

It doesn’t take witchcraft to know that Nigeria remains volatile because of the system of governance. More people will die leading to the election and the violence that may accompany the actual elections may be unprecedented in Nigeria’s history. The foundations are very shaky. We continue to use cosmetic approaches to push the bubble forward. One day it will burst, in an uncontrollable manner.

Already the useless IG has said that Nigerians are not allowed to attend polls with mobile and communication devices.

This means that Jonathan does not want the rigging process to be documentd. He does not want the violence to be spread with mobile devices around the world. Go figure my friends; this government is the worst dictatorship in Nigeria’s history.

Vital information and truth about the reality of life and situation in Nigeria are not even known to millions of Nigerians largely because they are living in constant darkness and partly because media houses are very unreliable. Now Jonathan is preventing the use of media devices. Rather than show Nigeria the truth, the ever-stupid NTA has decided that all its news content will be dedicated to Jonathan. NTA remains without doubts the most useless channel not only in Africa but globally.

Let me continue to express my unlimited and unhindered freedom of expressions that I hate all those PDP supporters that have lost their senses of reasoning because of the financial reward that the PDP is doling out for the disgusting things that they have been saying.

I want to state also that I hate all the idiots that have travelled from Europe and America to make 30 seconds appearances on Jonathan Television Authority (JTA) showing their disgusting and shameful support for a political party that has spread hopelessness, poverty and penury in the last 12 years or so.

Nigerians in diaspora who have travelled to Nigeria to support poverty, penury, looting and senselessness in government are morons who should be avoided. And they should be ashamed of their 30s of glory on JTA.

My source of anger is simple. This country is rich. The people are scandalously poor. I continue to remind those who think otherwise that if more than 90m people are hopeless it is the greatest tragedy of modern era. Those in power are senseless and insensitive. Majority of the people are opportunists and it pains me to be a part of this race and generation that cannot do things right in the most populous black nation. I am angry because my heart is bleeding every single day of my life. My anger is because the situation in Nigeria is an insult to the intelligence of the black race.

Since I cannot stop my fellow follow-follow Nigerians from voting, what I have left to say is that whatever happens, they must ensure that PDP, and all these looters on rampage regardless of their affiliation, are ejected out of the system without delay. One of my friends has stated that the umblela of shame will be removed soon.

If it happens or not, the cost will still be high. Go figure what cost!

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