Lagerbäck Drops Nigeria’s Highest Goal Scorer

Adeola Aderounmu

Ikechukwu Uche will not be in South Africa. I doubt if this boy will ever play for Nigeria again.

He could not have been dropped for his injury since Mikel Obi is also just back from Injury lay off period.

Well, it could have been that he was not impressive in training. Or maybe the coach didn’t want to give 2 slots to the same family, since Kalu his brother is in the team.

Some people feared that the team was selected by Nigerian government officials. From past experience/ occurence, this may also be the case. You never know.

Depending on what happens in South Africa the truth will eventually unfold-if it was Lagerbäck’s team or a team packaged for him by NFF under the influence of this-and-that Minister or Governor. Actually it is not a rumour that government officials have or used to have slots in the National team. A former member of the super Eagles told me that just 2 days ago.

Well, I wish Uche a wonderful career ahead of him. If I was the coach to be candid I would take Uche to the World Cup and leave behind one of the tired legs. The man who scored the highest numbers of goals to take us to the world cup (unless the team doctors rule him not fit) deserve to be rewarded with a slot in the World Cup.

Life does not always bring what we wished or hoped for. Uche will have to learn to leave this sadness and disappointment behind. He should support his brother and wish the team well.

I HOPE THAT he will bounce back and continue to play good football. I hope that he will achieve more greatness in his international career. If he decides to play for Nigeria again in the future, he must show the coach and Nigerians that we made a big mistake to have dropped him in this crucial tournament.

3 thoughts on “Lagerbäck Drops Nigeria’s Highest Goal Scorer

  1. The coach has not shown any difference from the precious coaches. He has shown that every coach that comes to Nigeria will be influenced by the Nigerian Politicians. I still maintain that Yakubu and Yobo OUGHT NOT TO BE AT THE WORLD CUP. I am not the coach, but if you ask my grand mother this aftet the nations cup, she would tell you this same thing.



  2. If Mr Uche decided not to play for Nigeria again, you can’t blame him.

    Management have to realise that people should be treated with respect and not “lightly”.

    I can’t understand what all the fuss about Mikel Obi, he plays in the same team as Didier Drogba, but he is hardly mentioned, maybe it’s because he’s not as good.

    Yet, the coach is bending over backwards to accommodate him. Is this right?

    Time will tell if this was the correct decision.


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