JUNE 12 1993

Adeola Aderounmu

It is another June 12. This is supposed to be the real democracy day in Nigeria. MKO Abiola won the freest election ever conducted in the history of Nigeria. We never had it so fair.

Ibrahim Babangida cancelled the election. 17 years later we have not recovered from the evil cancellation of the results of that election. I have continued to write about June 12 for the past 3 or 4 years and there are entries on this blog that have taken care of the discussion.

Abiola died in detention while trying in vain to actualise the prestigious mandate of June 12 1993.

June 12 2010

Nigeria will play Argentina in the World Cup championship going on in South Africa. June 12 is a special date in Nigeria.

I wish the Super Eagles the best. It’s just another game and hopefully the better team wins. Otherwise the lucky team carries the day.

8 thoughts on “JUNE 12 1993

  1. Nigeria is a civilian political class that feels she cannot b ruled except by thesame rtd military officer that pauperised the civilian political class and plaundered the economy oil sector.
    These is the main problem we are facing in nigeria.


  2. Only God can help Nigeria. This ‘kleptocracy’ cannot be natural. It has the hands of some diabolical supernatural beings. The leaders institutionalized it. That is why every Nigerian who had the means steals. Right from the messenger ‘pushing’ files to the chief executives demanding ‘returns’ from their subordinates.
    The ‘doctrine of kleptocracy’ is : “Use your post to the maximum in getting grafts and other undeserved favours” So, an ordinary person would be stupid not to use his post to extort money and favours from others. The result is the vicious cycle in which we find ourselves as everybody tries to recover some of what has been taken from them.
    The police, and other uniformed workers and politicians, are the worst culprit.


  3. Subsequent leaders have not thought it wise to demand an explanation from Babangida. Is the man above law? If we don’t get to the root of June 12, all elections will be just a sham.
    We should know why the one who relive abacha did not release Abiola. Was Abiola been kept there for the murderer(s) who serve him the last tea?
    The truth and reconciliation probe did not go far enough. there are still questions that need to be asked. The above two are just samples.


  4. Great nations become great because their leaders are accountable. The moment they are no longer held accountable, steady decline starts. Nigerian problems cannot be solved until we start demanding accountability from those entrusted with leadership. Anyone who has skeletons in their closets should not venture into leadership roles. Nigerian leaders have had it so good since independence. It is time to have them grilled on the hot stove of interrogation. Let us know the roles they played in the carnage that is destroying Nigeria.

    Another thing: What happened to all the farm produce we used see and hear about: palm oil and kernels, groundnut and cotton, hides and skin, cocoa, coffee and others? Vast sum of money was spent on research stations researching all these in the 60’s and seventies. What happened to all the infrastructure? Why did the government allow these to decline? These are things that would have provided jobs for anyone who cares to work.


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