Day: May 13, 2010

Jonathan’s Choice of VP reduces the rest of us to Pawns

Adeola A. Namadi Sambo will become Nigeria’s Vice President. The main reason of course is to allow Mr. Jonathan to contest for the presidency in 2011. Politically a good move because even if Namadi Sambo decides to run for the presidency as well, it… Continue Reading “Jonathan’s Choice of VP reduces the rest of us to Pawns”

2011 Elections in Nigeria, Jonathan Should Contest

Adeola A. Goodluck Jonathan is a citizen of Nigeria and by providence the current “president” of Nigeria. The current debate about whether or not he should contest in the 2011 Presidential election is a very-very stupid debate. Goodluck Jonathan belongs to PDP which is… Continue Reading “2011 Elections in Nigeria, Jonathan Should Contest”

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