2011 Elections in Nigeria, Jonathan Should Contest

Adeola A.

Goodluck Jonathan is a citizen of Nigeria and by providence the current “president” of Nigeria. The current debate about whether or not he should contest in the 2011 Presidential election is a very-very stupid debate.

Goodluck Jonathan belongs to PDP which is obviously a very strong party but also a very deceitful one. This party has been in power since 1999 and under these past years Nigeria has become more corrupt and the percentage of people that have slipped under the poverty level has escalated. Under the PDP Nigerians have continued to suffer due to the lack of the basic things of life like water and electricity.

PDP to many of us remained the nest of killers as confirmed by Wole Soyinka. That party boasts of looters and evil rulers like Babangida and Obasanjo. Co-looters like Atiku have found their way back to the fold. Ogbulafor the chairman of the party is currently standing trials for the monies he stole under Obasanjo and Bode Geroge is cooling off in kirikiri maximum prison. Ibori is on the run. In so small measures, the PDP continues to destroy Nigeria because they have no masterplan to get us out of the doldrums. The primary interest of Nigerian politicians remains to make money, get rich and care about self.

Anyway the current in-house trouble within the PDP is how to prevent or stop Jonathan from contesting in 2011. The Northerners in that party in their characteristic manner since 1959 do not want power shift to the South, let alone Mr. Jonathan from the Niger Delta region. What a useless mentality?

This is my take. Mr Goodluck Jonathan is a Nigerian and by provisions of the federal constitution of Nigeria is free to contest for electable offices including the position of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria. Unless he is sentenced to prison term for stealing, armed robbery or other crimes that can prevent him for pursuing his dreams, I see no reason (until then) why he cannot be allowed to contest for the office in question.

Indeed Goodluck belongs to PDP and he knows the evil nature of his political party. He knew how he was handpicked for the office of the VP by Obasanjo. This PDP party for Mr. Jonathan is a necessary evil. How he will overcome remains his personal dilemma and invariably a national problem. National, because if the status quo is maintained in the PDP, the unity of Nigeria will suffer a severe blow on the head. The system may collapse and the fears of critics may be fulfilled. The people in the leadership of the PDP have always put themselves before the nation. Isn’t that tantamount to treason?

From another perspective the outcome of the in-house fight in the PDP is one issue. The other issue is that irrespective of the candidate that would emerge from the PDP, that should be one part of the story. Who says that Mr. Jonathan would be the president if he becomes a candidate? Who says that the northern candidate in the minds of the northerners will win come 2011?

There are other political parties in Nigeria. They must present their own candidates too. It shouldn’t matter where the candidates are coming from. It is more important that we have candidates who are not corrupt. We want candidates who have not participated in the looting and destruction of Nigeria. There should be possibilities to present formidable candidates that will challenge the evils that have been perpetrated by Mr. Jonathan’s party since 1999.

2011 is a new golden chance. Bring in the electoral reforms. Give us a level playing field. Bring the PDP candidates be it Jonathan or Danjuma or Mustafa or Galadima or Shagari. Let us put them against one or two lovable, sincere and trustworthy Nigerians and above all let us count the votes.

We must not bring or accept the likes of Babangida or Atiku. In fact we should continue to mount pressure for the prosecution of Babangida, Obasanjo, Atiku and Ibori. These men and their accomplices stole Nigeria to dryness. Babangida alone stole more than 20 billion dollars. This money is enough to build a new country and bring some European countries OUT of economic recession. Where is our money Babangida?

No one can boast that Jonathan is not corrupt. The money stolen by his wife has not helped matters at all. Who, in Nigeria is not corrupt?

Let Jonathan contest but let him or the PDP do that in a normal democracy. In 2011 let MY VOTE COUNTs.

10 thoughts on “2011 Elections in Nigeria, Jonathan Should Contest

  1. In 2011, votes will count and H.E. Goodluck Jonathan will contest. Who wins depends on his performance between now and the next six months.


  2. The issue of conducting a credible, free and fair 2011 elections in Nigeria will be a reality because we all can see the level of transparency and genuine efforts of President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Nigeria must move forward. No Sentiments attached! If he contests for the 2011 election, he will win free and fair, he got the charisma, the qualities and the people at heart. Period!


  3. Good Luck Jonathan should contest for the 2011 presidential election.He can take Nigeria to the next level.He is man with political ambitious also he has zeal and the interest of the people at heart.
    Just take a look on the price of oil, the price today is stable.
    So my follower Nigeria , He still has every right to contest in 2011 election hence the Nigeria constitution was not against him. Let us encourage he for him political ambitious Mr president move on ? move on. Na you Biko.


  4. For the very first time Nigeria has been blessed with a young, vibrant and articulated leader who’s roots so far indicates a promising great Nigeria of our collective dreams.

    In the words of Prof. Paul Omaji of the Global Salem University, Lokoja, ‘If a man wants to stand tall, he should stand on the shoulders of a Giant’. To me such a giant has emerged in Nigeria in the Person of Goodluck Jonathan. We are priviledged by providence to have him at this point in our history.

    I call on him to contest next election. He needs our support come 2011. What we do with this golden opportunity will speak volumes about us as a Nation to generations yet unborn. Afterall ‘Greatness is a sum of what we do with our opportunities’.


  5. Jonathan should be very careful about his presidential aspirations, he should also make sure that if he must run,he should ensure that he does not abuse the processes with his advantage of incumbency and that they are not abused on his behalf. Not running now and playing the part of a Messiah, ensuring an acceptably free and fair election, will profit him more in the long run. He should be weary of the seduction and attractions of the office.


  6. We the 9ja citizen i will to give a an advice; let us join ourselves together and elect good person,we have seen what most of our leaders now adays are doing please Allah deal with all of the thieves and collect all their ranks and gives us good person Amin. By el-riyaza


  7. My fellow Nigerians, this is the high time to wake up of our slumber. Let all of stand in one to push away those we know have nothing to offer us. It will be very good if all of us will seek the face of God for the 2011 election so that He chose a credible leaders for us. Enough of complaining for i see a better Nigeria.


  8. So far, I see him, Good Luck Jonathan to be the best Nigeria President, because during his few month say in the Government he has proved to all his people, THE GOOD LEADER, and i believed in what i see not the television promises. i will really want him to rule this great nation again, May God help him.


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