US Blames Security At Lagos Airports, Really?

By Adeola Aderounmu

The US should stop this blame game and focus on the matter at hand. The Nigerian terrorist travelled through two airports-Lagos and Amsterdam.

There must have been something the alleged terrorist did to beat the securities at these two airports. That should be the focus. In what ways was he ahead of both the Nigerian and the Dutch security systems? Trying to fault the Nigerian end is baseless and reckless.

Where was the US security during 9-11? May the souls of the departed continue to rest in peace. Should we blame the US security systems? No we don’t have to even though we know that everytime something goes wrong, someone should have thought better. Still each error provides a room for improvement and prevention of future re-occurence of the same error.

The US should be focussing on its embassy in Nigeria. How did they end up giving a juicy VISA to a suspected terrorist? And if the VISA was issued before he became a terror, what attempts were made to keep a TAB on him? (It appears the visa was obtained in UK)

The attention should be taken away from MMA even though I am not saying that MMA is perfect or tight. But that the guy went through Amsterdam Airport without beind detected is an indication that he was a step ahead.

Rather than a blame game, an international cooperation and multi-faceted investigation should be undertaken because this guy has travelled wide and far and probably has a links or networks that are unknown.

I am just concern about how much his father stole as a Minister or Bank Chief that may have contributed to the affluent live the boy lived as a student in UK. I am going to be devastated beyond words if my fears are confirmed that his father stole Nigeria’s money only for the boy to end up this way-wasting Nigeria’ Niger Delta Wealth or depositors’ fund in First Bank.

For us Nigerians, this is a national embarrassment and many of us are bracing up for the challenges and the implications for the days ahead. We are already struggling with a severely battered international image, to now top it with a terrorist act is the last thing we need for our country that has been denied a legitimate government since 2007.

Even as I write I am very angry with Nigerian thieves who say they are politicians. For the past 1 month we have no ruler as the fake president lies lifeless in Saudi Arabia and we are just sailing like people in a lost ship.

This act of terrorism is the last form of distraction that Nigeria needs right now as we have serious political problems to take care of. We are a nation in crisis.

Hopefully this may serve as a wake up call to the useless people in Aso rock and Abuja including the worthless lawmakers idlying away as the rest of us suffer the effects of fuel scarcity and prevalent poverty.


The Nigerian Terrorist? No, we are not a nation of terrorists

Adeola Aderounmu

One Abdul Mudallab has been named as the Nigerian Terrorist that tried to blow up a passenger plane arriving in the US.

I will make this a very short response because details are still emerging that will throw more lights on the incidents (and even the precedents).

But I want to assure all friends of Nigeria and Nigerians that this is totally an isolated incident. Nigerians are not terrorists. Nigeria is a country where Islam and Christianity are the dominant religions. Muslims are concentrated in the North and Christians in the South.

Religious riots are common in the North and sporadic in the South but above all we try to overcome our differences and live in peace. It is hard because of poverty and ignorance especially in the North where it is relatively easier to lure people into violence or acts of violence.

Nigerians are generally peace loving, warm, friendly and very tolerant. If any Nigerian is caught as a terrorist, it will be mostly due to ignorance and personal ideology rather than a common trait. We are not terrorists and we don’t plan to become a terrorist nation. True, the North of Nigeria may have been infiltrated but still it doesn’t reveal that this is an accepted ideology.

Surely I will try to write more about this as details unfold. AND this particular incident is giving me a shift away from the focus of my blogging. I have never thought that a day will come that I will write about terrorism on my blog. But the day is here now as a “Nigerian” Abdul Mudallad has been caught and this is a very reckless attempt to give the rest of us a bad name.

The Nigerian Press must ensure a fair report of this incident and together we must do all we can to restore our image: Nigeria is not a country of terrorists!

Profile of suspected Nigerian Terrorist

Name: Abdul Farouk Umar Abdulmutallab
Age: 23-year-old
Father: Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, former First Bank chairman, former minister and prominent banker
Family Homes: Katsina/Kaduna, Northern Nigeria and home in Central London
Education: British International School, Lome, Togo, University College, London
Countries visited/ residence: UK, Egypt, Nigeria, Yemen, Dubai

Riliwan Lukman-Another useless Minister

By Adeola Aderounmu

Riliwan Lukman is Nigeria’s Minister for Petroleum Resources. Nigeria has a persistent problem with Petroleum products despite the fact that we are one the largest producers of crude oil in the world.

I don’t remember the last yuletide or Christmas in Nigeria without Fuel Crises.

Riliwan Lukman has been in and out of government for decades and it was a big shock that Yar Adua appointed him as Petroleum Resources Minister in his illegal government. That the useless Senate even ratified his appointment points to the stupidity in governance in Nigeria. Empty skulls all!

Nigerians are suffering under a persistent fuel crisis even this Christmas/ New year. But you know what? Riliwan Lukman is on vacation in Austria.

Goodluck Jonathan wanted to have him in a meeting. According to the Nigerian Guardian Newspaper, Jonathan had at the meeting of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) on Wednesday directed Lukman along with two ministers of State, Mr. Odein Ajumogobia (Petroleum) and Mr. Remi Babalola (Finance), to suspend their Christmas and New Year vacations to enable them all stay within Abuja and find a solution to the fuel crisis in the country.

Mr. Lukman jetted out. The thing is the man is expired and he is not the solution to the problem even if he attend 1 thousand meetings. It is just surprising that he confirmed my fears that many Nigerian Ministers and politicians are actually crazy.

Nigeria presently has no legal head or president. Mr Yar Adua, the illegally installed ruler, is lying unconscious in Saudi Arabia for the past 1 month. Those who are the custodians of the constitution are committing treasonable felony as they have subverted the contents therein to their selfish gains. Nigeria is in coma and remain headless as 2009 winds up.

So Mr Lukman has no one to account to, Jonathan can go to hell. Who cares? I mean this is a man that has been in successive failed governments, and he is one of those who have mismanaged our wealth. He came into this fake government with no new ideas, so I am not surprise that while fuel is dried up in Nigeria, he preferred a holiday in Europe. Another white Christmas for another useless Nigerian Minister.

I can’t wait for the Nigerian revolution.

Merry Christmas to my Nigerian brothers and sisters

Adeola Aderounmu

I am using this opportunity to wish my Nigerian friends, brothers and sisters a wonderful celebration. I know that fuel is scarce (it has become a biennial event, and invariably a december constant) but I know that one way or the other, many of you will find the course to be thankful and joyous.

Fuel scarcity is not the only problem. There are loads of them including lack of electricity added to the burdens of poverty. I am still convinced that the celebrations will be joyous because there is an atmosphere of happiness when we meet for the yuletide, at home, in churces and other places.

When this season is over let us not forget our common problems epitomised by very corrupt government and extremely bad leadership. We must come out stronger in 2010 to rescue this failing country.

Nigeria is a blessed country, It is up to us to ensure that we spread the goodness by ensuring that we get things right in our politics, attitude and general conducts. The future of Nigeria is in our hands. Let’s try to get it right as soon as possible so that our children and children’s children can have a place to call home.

Merry Christmas Nigeria..!

Yar Adua is probably not coming back…Can we move on Please?

Adeola Aderounmu

Gone for more than 3 weeks! I don’t think Yar Adua is coming back to Aso rock, a place he illegally and forcefully inherited. If we had built a reputable hospital in Nigeria in all the 10 years he wasted as a top man perhaps the story would have been different. 8 years as a governor and 2 years as a fake president, all wasted just like that!

Life and Power remain transient..!

If we had a well equipped hospital in Nigeria, he would have been in our domain and we would have known firsthand what is going on with him. But now he is hidden, probably enclosed and we have no clue what is going on.

Based on the secrecy of his condition and with no official information from anywhere, it is better to assume that he is not coming back.

Nigerian Politicians based on their wickedness, selfishness and evil ways have refused to follow the constitution. This is so not happening in the year 2009 going to 2010. Where are these people from? In what Age are they living in? I’m talking about Nigerian Politicians, who have become the most ridiculous people on earth.

Is there a Chief Justice of the Federation somewhere? Is there any functional National Assembly in Nigeria? Is there any constitution at all to behold?

Or are we now being ruled by the ex-convict who became a governor in Delta State? Or his lawyer, the AG who is ridiculously shameless? Who is in charge of this prevalent nonsense?

Can we move on please?

Goodluck Jonathan was the VP imposed on us. Please give him to us with all his imperfections and stains. We will take it, even if to remove this ridicule from our existence for a short period-until 2011.

I have written elsewhere that Jonathan should become the president of Nigeria but that we should NEVER AGAIN in our lives allow the kind of process that gave rise to him and Yar Adua. Our votes were not counted in the most evil selection process in Nigeria’s history.

It’s time to move on. The truth will soon be known to all and by that time the shame of Nigerian politicians would have magnified. They are liars now, what will they be when the whole situation-the bigger picture is revealed?

The lazy lawmakers should stop looting and stealing. For once let them do something right. Move this country forward, at least by one step, even if it’s an ant-step.

Please and please, stop this national shame and nonsense.

Let Yar Adua be! Even if a miracle brings him back, he is definitely not going to be fit for that game of squash let alone head a village meeting. He would need rest.

We are talking about 150m other people being held stagnant. Fuel scarcity, insecurity, unemployment, school problems and so on, these things are getting worse. Workers are being laid off, the economy is not improving and for 3 weeks we have no direction forward. Does this mean that when Yar Adua was there he was just a figure-head or what? Are there no functions for the number 1 top post in Nigeria? Because it is always mischievously acquired or why?

I can’t shout more than this please…
The time to move on is here.

Enough of this rubbish please.

Still on Bleak Christmas in Nigeria

Adeola Aderounmu

During the week I reported about this year’s bleak Christmas in Nigeria. The Nigerian Guardian Newspaper is reporting this morning that 1 500 people have been sacked by the Intercontinental Banks.

The bank has over 300 branches in Nigeria and approximately 5 person/ bank received letters of disengagement, as reported by the Guardian Newspaper’s correspondent Muyiwa Adeyemi.

The compensation given is 3 months basic salary irrespective of how long they have worked for the bank. Yea, welcome to Nigeria, the land of injustice.

After these 3 months, what are these workers supposed to do? One thousand five hundred..! How many households are we talking about? How many children are going to be affected?

Nigeria has no social security program for the unemployed. Unemployment is already rife and the effects on social vices cannot be over emphasized.

UBA-The United Bank for Africa also laid off 2 000 of its work force. This compounds the already overloaded unemployment market for which no reliable statistics are available. But millions of Nigerians lack gainful employment and many graduates are using their skills mostly in informal jobs.

Things are really getting worse based on realities that we can see and experience. This is one of the reasons why it is so frustrating so see the negative effects of governance in Nigeria. Corruption, greediness, nepotism, tribalism and all sorts of vices have denied us of the type of growth and development that we should actually be experiencing.

In all of these the politicians are getting richer. They make loads of money that they do not deserve, their actions do not improve the standards of our lives and they continue to do things that are not only irritating but also invariably extremely inimical to progress. They loot, steal, plunder and sniff everywhere for ways to get richer and richer while the masses are left with the mess from their misdemeanours.

This is Christmas season and for these people who have been thrown out of jobs without any form of security, you can imagine the impact on their psychological and social wellbeing. It is not going to be easy as they must now desperately seek ways to put food on the table for their families and dependent relations. I wish them well, now and always

Merry Christmas Nigeria..!

UPDATE: Oceanic Bank has also sacked 1 500, as at Dec 21 2009.