CONGO; Foolish and Senseless..!

By Adeola Aderounmu.

Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent the war than to stop it. But what the world leaders are always doing is to stop the war and NEVER to prevent it. There must be wicked reasons for that. That’s why the wars keep coming back

The African continent would like to be projected in a good image. But how many good things are we radiating from within Africa. Agreed again that there are many useless conflicts and wars going on around the world… the Middle East is troubled no doubts. There is war in Iraq and there is war in Afghanistan and so on.

No war is good and no war is desirable. But when Africa countries start their own conflicts and wars, the human toll is always immeasurable. Rape, looting, senseless killings, child soldiers, child abuse, beheading, mutilating, tongue cutting, genocide and several other vices that cannot be described have been perpetrated endlessly in the last 2 decades in Africa. In Sierra Leone, in Liberia, in Congo, in Rwanda, Angola….

Even in countries where there are no wars, the internal conflicts and tensions have resulted in the deaths of civilians in no small measure. Take the case of Nigerian under Obasanjo, Zimbabwe under Mugabe and Kenya under Kibaki as examples.

Congo is at it again. This is a country that may have lost over 5 million souls to war in the last decade. More than 250 000 are presently displaced. Children are suffering and dying. Pregnant women are undergoing the greatest trauma of their lives. Hunger pervades the land; suffering has become a way of life. No hope in sight!

Those idiots, the rebels and the governments are at it again. The craziest thing is that the minerals and the resources that should unite these morons is what they or someone is using against them. Congo like many other African countries is blessed and endowed with resources including Gold. Sometimes, I cannot stop thinking that the level of intelligence of these war lords and their corrupt government is below zero.

The negativity of their minds and their intelligence is what has denied Africa the true greatness she deserved. All the western news agencies are having a swell time showing the rot and stupidity going on in Congo. This is definitely the type of news that they love to show case. War, hunger, conflicts and madness especially from Africa.

What they are not showing or telling however is the countries and the international conspirators who are fuelling this war in Congo. Which countries are supplying arms to the rebels? Which countries or organizations are supplying arms to the government of Congo? Which countries and which organization are buying the resources that the rebels are using to finance this crazy war that has killed several children and women? Computer software and mobile phone companies and their major/minor suppliers should be investigated and they should be named. They must stop buying blood resources. The blood is from children and women and helpless men.

It will be nice if CNN, BBC and Skynews can lead the pack to expose the evil machineries behind the escalating war in Congo. They should extend the investigation to Darfur and other places. Obviously they will not do that. It gives them pleasure to report bad news, so there is no point seeking the end of bad news from Africa. Oh, what a failed continent!

How easy for the United Kingdom to arrive in Congo the other week. What pretense is behind the interest of UK, US and other European infiltrators? The international community should stop deceiving themselves. Who are the beneficiaries of the ongoing wars in Africa? They should be exposed if only to save the dying children.

To show how unserious the UN is about this situation, they are sending Obasanjo from Nigeria to mediate in the war. What signals are they sending to the rebels and the rest of the world? It is people like Obasanjo who are destroying democratic structures in Africa and the way to reward or recognize a man destroying democracy is to send him to a country in dire need of proper democracy? The UN must be a scandalous organization! Nonsense!

What is Obasanjo going to preach in Congo? How he rigged election 3 times in a row in 9 years of failed governance? How he advised Odinga to accept a government of National Unity in Kenya after innocent people have been slaughtered at the altar of democracy? The UN is not serious at all. I pity those innocent children of Congo; I pity their pregnant women and weak adults. I pity those people who will soon be wiped away by genocidal instinct of the crazy and mad rebels.

One thing I know for certain, the rest of the world takes pleasure to see Africa suffers and they begin to send aid, soldiers and peace keepers. As stated, this favours some people and countries-they get richer and they make deals with rebels and governments and then they rule by neo-colonialism. The intelligence of the African leader is always in question. The sell out continues.

Everyone knows that it is easier to prevent the war than to stop it. But what the world leaders are always doing is to stop the war and NEVER to prevent it. There must be wicked reasons for that. That’s why the wars keep coming back

Congo, what a way to go…. It’s a crazy world indeed

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